Here are 5 reasons I no longer want to fly on regional jets –

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I can’t take it anymore! This last week I had two meetings and unfortunately, I was flying on regional jets (small jet planes with 50-70 seats) for the whole trip. All the major airlines (AA, DL, UA) contract with other regional airlines to fly these little planes. Here are the five reasons that I no longer want to fly on a regional jet:

1. These flights are always late – Every regional flight I have been on this year has been at least 60 minutes late.

2. The seats make you feel like you are flying in a sardine can – Can you imagine flying in a 17.5-inch wide seat with a small 31-inch pitch for almost 4 hours? This is cruel and unusual punishment.

3. If you use them for connecting flights you have an almost 100% chance you will misconnect – Unless you are connecting with another regional jet which most likely will also be late.

4. Your flights are the first to be delayed or canceled with any type of weather problems – Just watch the monitors and you will see all the mainline airplanes will fly while the regional jets are delayed or canceled when bad weather strikes.

5. Overhead storage is so small that you have to check all your carry-ons as they won’t fit in overhead bins – It takes an additional 20 minutes to wait for your gate-checked luggage to arrive making missing a connecting flight even more likely.

Here is the airlines’ dirty little secret about regional jets –

I almost fell out of my chair when someone told me last week that the on-time performance numbers for the airlines’ regional jets often do not accrue back to the on-time numbers of the mainline airline. Please tell me it isn’t so! For example, regional airlines with names like ExpressJet, Compass, GoJet Airlines, Endeavor, Republic Airline, and SkyWest all fly under the Delta banner. When Delta says they have 82.8 percent on-time performance rate they do not calculate the regional jet performance into their numbers. In other words, the on-time performance rate for all those regional jets, that might operate at a 50% on-time rate, are not used for the mothership (Delta) when they brag about on-time performance. United Airlines uses regional airlines like Mesa, GoJet, Air Wisconsin, SkyWest, Express Jet, Republic and Trans States Airlines. These are all the airlines that fly with the United logo, but operate as contracted companies. American Airlines uses some of the same contract companies used by Delta and United such as Compass, ExpressJet, Mesa, Republic, SkyWest, and Trans States but also uses three subsidiary airlines of Envoy Air, Piedmont, and PSA Airlines.

Buy your summer airline tickets now, prices to head up, up, and away! –

I’m sure you are aware, oil prices have been on the rise this past year and airline labor costs and the cost of buying new airplanes have also raised their cost of doing business. This all means that the airlines will continue to try to find ways to raise airfare as fast as they possibly can to help offset these cost increases. I have been checking airfares for this summer and I am shocked at how high some of the prices seem. I think that with the economy at full employment and tax money in peoples hands, summer airfares have no place to go but up from here.

Steve’s travel tip #129 – Be sure to remember to cancel your ticket if you can’t make the flight –

If you don’t, you can kiss the value of your non-refundable ticket goodbye. Most airlines today will allow a traveler to retain the value of an unused ticket (less a $200 exchange fee) toward the purchase of another ticket only if the traveler cancels the reservation before midnight on the day of departure. Travelers must call the airline to cancel the reservation or the unused ticket will become worthless. Those of you who fly on Southwest Airlines also have to cancel your ticket, before the day of departure if you can’t use the ticket. However, the good news is that Southwest does not charge you the $200 exchange fee to use your ticket on another flight.

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