Here are 9 dirty little secrets you should know about the Boeing 737 MAX the press won’t tell you –

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The hysteria surrounding the recent two flight crashes of the Boeing 737 MAX has lead to a tsunami of social media and press frenzy about the dangers of the plane. Here are some of my thoughts about what is not being said in the press.

1. The two airlines involved with the crashes allegedly had inexperienced pilots flying the planes. We have now learned that on one of the flights prior to the crash, an experienced pilot easily prevented calamity when presented with the exact same situation. Bottom line: Human error probably paid a large roll in these accidents.

2.  The airlines involved in the crashes have to blame Boeing .Otherwise, they are admitting that their pilots are responsible and they can be held liable for billions of dollars of lawsuits as well as the possibility of bad P.R. that could potentially put them out of business.

3.  Boeing can’t say publicly that the airlines have inexperienced pilots that contributed directly to the crashes. If they did the airlines would not buy additional airplanes from them.

4.  The airlines will not attack Boeing too much as there are only two major airline manufacturers (Boeing and Airbus). If you remove the ability to buy from one, that leaves you with one supplier and have no ability to negotiate lower pricing.

5. The Boeing 737 MAX will be the safest airplane in the skies after all the testing, inspections, redesigned software and new training are completed in the coming weeks. The stakes are too high for both the airlines and Boeing for the airplane to suffer even one more incident.

6.  The airlines have to have the Boeing 737 MAX be successful. Airlines need thousands of new planes to grow. The 737 Max is the only game in town for growth for many airlines over the next 5 years.

7.  The Boeing 737 has been one of the airline industry’s most successful and safest airplanes in history. It has a safety record that has been and will continue to make it the safest airplane (not withstanding human error).

8. No pilot or their union will support flying the plane until they are sure it is safe.

9. The only bad thing about the new Boeing 737 MAX is that some airlines are sneaking one or two more rows of seats on the plane in order to sell more seats and make more money.
 To do this, they are removing even more legroom, and even worse, they are making the bathrooms smaller to add 6 to 12 more seats.
Here are three great articles/videos explaining the technical issues of the 737 MAX.
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