Here are seven positive things that will come out of the United Airlines fiasco a few weeks ago –

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1. Expect a giant airfare sale very soon –

Many comments I read on social media said they would never fly United again. However, just watch what those same people do when United offers some powerfully low airfare sales in the coming weeks. Nothing causes airline amnesia faster than a great airfare sale.

2. Offers to be bumped will go online –

Expect all the compensation negotiations to volunteer to be bumped to be offered well in advance of your flight via your smart phone. You will basically receive offers for compensation and other flights on your smart phone versus being announced at the gate.

3. Lost bags are now worth $1500 (United) –

No more filling out claim forms to validate how old your luggage and clothes are and what is their depreciated value. This is a major positive change for travelers and one that I think is worth more than the phony $10,000 bumped limits.

4. Airlines will increase the amount offered for voluntary bumping –

(see comments below)

5. Airline employees will get raises-

Everyone is tired of hearing airline staff grumbling on board the flights about their pay. Airline’s will make unilateral pay increases to get the focus off employees and instead on to customer service.

6. There will now be empty seats on airplanes –

The reason airlines overbook flights is that they have data that shows exactly how many people on average don’t show up for a flight. Southwest Airlines and Jet Blue are two airlines that say they will now not overbook a flight. That means there will be empty seats on almost every flight.

7. An attitude of “No” will be replaced by “let’s see if we can find a way” by the airlines –

I know many of you will be thinking I have been drinking if I think that the airlines will change their ways. However, the shock waves from the event two weeks ago is forcing airline Managment to revisit all their customer policies. My hope is this will be a game changer.

Don’t hold your breath to get $10,000 for being bumped –

United Airlines last week announced they were matching Delta Air Lines top offer of $10,000 for people who voluntarily offer to give up their seats when a flight is oversold. This sounds great on the surface however there are two chances you will ever receive this amount; slim or none. Basically, the process for offering compensation is on a first come first served basis. The airlines start the offers at around $400, then $800 then move slowly up the scale until they get a person to grab it before someone else does. For example, a couple being offered $1000 each ($2000 total) to take the next flight home will be calculating in their heads that that will be enough to pay for the next family vacation to Florida with the kids and quickly throw their hands up to volunteer in return for taking the next flight three hours later. Basically the odds of receiving $10,000 are less than those of being struck by lightning. Once again the airlines are sending out information that is confusing the customers and giving people high expectations that will never be reached (Resulting in even less trust).

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