Here are Steve’s 8 great tips when your flights are canceled or delayed (by over 2 hours)

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As we head into the fall and winter seasons the likelihood of delayed or canceled flights becomes much more likely. Here are my 8 great tips on how to deal with canceled and delayed flights:

1. Call your friendly travel advisor –

This is the fastest and easiest way to deal with the headaches of a canceled or delayed flight. One call and they can coach you 24/7/365 on all your options. Many of our customers tell us what a blessing it was for them to simply pick up their phone and call one of our friendly travel advisors to change their flight rather than stand in the long lines at the airport when a last minute flight delay pops up on the flight monitor.

2. Download the airline app on your phone before your trip –

When you find out your flight is being delayed or canceled simply check the airline app. The airlines now will almost always rebook (confirmed seats) you on another flight and send that info to your app.

3.  Standby for the next flight –

If the new itinerary provided by the airline is later in the day and earlier flights are sold out you can ask the airline to waitlist you on an earlier flight.

4.  Reschedule your whole trip –

Sometimes the new schedule assigned by the airline does not allow you to make your meeting or seriously affects your plans. One option you have is to simply cancel the whole trip and get your money back. You can then reschedule it at a future date.

5. Switch to a nearby airport –

If flights to your destination are sold out the airlines will often allow you to rebook your flight to an alternate airport.  For example, if flying to New York – LaGuardia and flights are full ask them to check Newark or JFK. If flying to Omaha ask for Lincoln or even Kansas City. If you switch to a nearby airport you have to arrange and pay for ground transportation on your own.

6. Ask to rebook you on another airline using the old rule 240 –

Some of the airlines have reciprocating agreements with other airlines that allows them to help each other by re-accommodating displaced passengers on another airline (originally called the old 240 rule). This means if your United flight is canceled and no other flights are available on United you can ask United to place you on an available American flight at no additional cost.  Airlines will hardly ever offer this option to you and only do this as a last resort (when you ask) as they want to keep you on their airline and not pay another airline to take you. (Note that Southwest, Frontier, Allegiant, Spirit and other low-cost carriers do not work with other airlines and you are out of luck asking to change airlines on a canceled flight).

7.  The gate agent can work miracles –

Sometimes the best thing to do is to approach the gate agent on the flight you want to get on (after your flight has been canceled or delayed) and politely ask if they can help you with this problem. Usually, a friendly request works better than an in-your-face demand.

8. Understand when the airline will pay for food and a hotel –

If your flight is canceled because of a weather (commonly called an act of God) event beyond the control of the airline they will not be required to pay you for an overnight stay at a hotel and food. If however, the cancellation is within the control of the airline, such a mechanical problem or shortage of staff the airline is required to pay for food and lodging.


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