Here are the top five cities where you should not rent a car for business travel–

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There are a handful of cities in the U.S. that I recommend that you should not rent a car but use taxi’s or services like Uber or Lyft to get around the city. I will always remember my $40 daily car rental in San Francisco that when I arrived at the hotel I paid a $75 daily valet parking fee. You can buy a lot of cab or Uber rides for $115 a day. Here is my list of the top cities you should NOT rent a car when traveling for business:

#1 New York City – I think everyone could have guessed this one.

#2 San Francisco – This is the one that stung me for the $75 valet parking.

#3 Boston – This city is so compact you can almost walk around the city easier than driving. Taxies there are bad.

#4 Washington D.C. – The METRO is the easiest way around and taxies are also cheap.

#5 Chicago – If you’re heading downtown the “L” is the fastest and cheapest way. Once downtown Uber is best.

United Airlines has become the rockstar of Wallstreet –

United Airlines is surprising everyone this year with massive improvements in their operating results. They have expanded rapidly from their hubs in Chicago, Houston, and Denver and filled those seats with passengers. Wallstreet made fun of those expansion plans earlier this year but now Wallstreet is buying United stock and sent the stock soaring to over $85 a share this week. Just a short 9 years ago the stock was $3.19 a share. You would have doubled your money if you purchased United Airlines stock in June 2016 when it was $41.04 a share. I don’t know how much higher United stock will go but it is sure nice to see this iconic airline back on its feet and shooting for the stars again.

Overtourism (too many visitors) is causing some tourists to consider traveling off-season to avoid the massive crowds –

This year it seems like every major tourist destination in the world is buzzing with massive wave after wave of tourists. As the economy gets stronger and stronger Americans are traveling to every corner of the earth. Add in the Japanese, Europeans, South Americans and now the new middle class Chinese and you have a tsunami of tourists hitting the tourism trail. Travel to Europe historically been divided into three seasons: peak season: (mid-June through August), shoulder season (April through mid-June and September through October), and off/ low season (November through March). It is getting so crowded during the peak season that I now recommend that travelers consider traveling during the shoulder season or even the offseason to avoid the crowds. One major benefit of traveling at this time is that prices are sometimes 25% to 50% lower for hotels and 25% lower for airfares.

Warning! Holiday booking window is closing fast. Act now if you are planning to visit grandma for Christmas –

I have been checking airfares this week and there still are very reasonable airfares for travel around Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. But we all know that these prices won’t be here much longer as just after Labor Day everyone starts to turn their attention toward the holiday travel. Call one of our friendly travel advisors at 402-435-8888 and they can help you find some great values for travel during the holidays.

Another amazing “Boat and Bike” tour is to take off! Book now! –

Our first “Boat and Bike” tour has just returned back from an amazing journey along the Danube and another one is ready to take off. Join our “Tulips and Windmills Cycling Tour” of the Netherlands,May 1-11, 2019! Our journey begins with two nights in Amsterdam prior to embarking on our private 12-cabin boat. Highlights of the trip include Keukenhof- the world’s flower garden, Aalsmeer- the world’s flower auction, Leiden- the birthplace of Rembrandt, Haarlem- the center of the Dutch flower-growing district, Gouda cheese tasting, windmills, tulips and much, much more. 4 cabins are left so do not hesitate to secure your spot on this fun trip to the Netherlands. Call or email our friendly group department today, 402-435-8888, To see all the details,CLICK HERE.

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