Here are the top five cities where you should not rent a car for business travel

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There are a handful of cities in the U.S. that I recommend that you should not rent a car but use taxi’s or services like Uber or Lyft to get around. I will always remember my $40 daily car rental in San Francisco that when I arrived at the hotel I paid a $75 daily valet parking fee. You can buy a lot of cab or Uber rides for $115 a day. Here is my list of the top cities you should NOT rent a car when traveling for business:

#1 New York City – I think everyone could have guessed this one.

#2 San Francisco – This is the one that stung me for the $75 valet parking.

#3 Boston – This city is so compact you can almost walk around the city easier than driving. Taxi’s here are bad.

#4 Washington D.C. – The METRO is the easiest way around and taxies are also cheap.

#5 Chicago –  If you’re heading downtown the “L” is the fastest and cheapest way. Once downtown Uber is best.

Airline airport clubs won’t let you in if you are not flying on their airline – 

Delta,  American and United Airlines all announced they are restricting access for their Airline Club members. Delta was the first to change the rules and said beginning Jan. 1, 2019, Delta Sky Club members will only be able to access Delta Sky Club when traveling on a flight operated by Delta or its partner airlines. Previously it did not matter if you were flying Delta or another airline you could access the lounges as long as they had same-day travel booked.CLICK HERE for more info on Delta Sky Club changes.  American’s Admirals Club was next in line to copy the rule changes and they are making the change on November 1, 2019. CLICK HERE for the Admiral’s Club information. United was the last hold-out and they said they too would limit access to the United Club to only those travelers flying United. CLICK HERE for the UA info. The airlines are obviously trying to limit the number of people in their Clubs but this latest change is making many of their best customers mad as a hornet.

Have you been BONVOYED?

Marriott Resorts and Hotels recently relaunched their Marriott Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest programs as BONVOY. Some of their customers are not very happy with the new program and they have launched a new web site as a place that showcases many of program problems and encourages members to submit their own stories. According to the web site, “ We need to make them (Marriott)understand. By compiling all of your stories in one place, we will be able to show them that all of these ”little” mistakes are quickly adding up to a huge problem. If we band together, we can make Marriott listen to their customers.” The web site goes on to say, ”Eligible unhappy Marriott members who share their stories with us can expect to see some good things coming to their inboxes soon. Competing hotel brands are willing to offer status matches, elite status fast tracks, and more to gain your business. Let us bring you together with the programs that want to treat you right. Not only will we hear your concerns, but we will help you find a new place to stay without losing all of the perks and benefits you expect and deserve.” CLICK HERE to read more.

Be careful using public ATM machines in foreign countries

If you are traveling to foreign countries you should be extra careful when using a public ATM to access cash. Many bad guys are placing skimmers over the ATM card slot which allows the thieves to steal your card info and empty out your account. The safest place to access cash is at bank ATMs where the security is the safest. I use ATMs a lot when I travel internationally. However, I always try to use the bank ATMs instead of the ones unattended on the street.

Did you know that Executive Travel can refund your non-refundable ticket within 24 hours? –

One of the many reasons you should use Executive Travel is that we can refund your non-refundable ticket if you let us know within 24 hours of when the ticket was issued. This can save you hundreds of dollars if schedules change quickly.

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