Here is how a $116 flight on Allegiant Airlines turns into $571 –

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Buyer Beware! The low cost airlines such as Allegiant, Frontier and Spirit do a great job of promoting low prices. What the airlines don’t want you to know is that in many cases you will actually pay hundreds of dollars more for your tickets when you arrive at the airport with all their “hidden fees”. I recently went to the Allegiant web site and found an amazing price flying from Grand Island, Nebraska to Las Vegas for $116 round trip. I decided to figure out the total cost if I wanted to do what many people do and take my golf clubs for a few rounds of golf to Glitter Gulch. My plan was to take my golf clubs, one suit case, one carry-on and get seat assignments along with a boarding pass by calling the Allegiant toll-free phone number. I hope you are sitting down. List below are all the extra costs.

Roundtrip airfares – $116
Seat selection fee – $80
Call center booking fee – $15
Boarding pass printing fee – $10 ($5 one way X 2)
Carry-on luggage fee – $100 ($50 one way X 2)
Checked luggage fee – $100 ($50 one way x 2)
Oversized luggage (golf clubs) – $150 ($75 one way X 2)
Total cost of airline ticket – $571

So it turns out taking the “low cost” airline is not such a great deal after all. As the late-great Paul Harvey used to say, “Now you know the rest of the story”.

Procrastinator’s Alert – The best gift you can give for Christmas is the dream of travel –

We can still save the day for guys that have procrastinated buying their wife (or significant other) a Christmas gift. If you want to really see someone’s eyes light up on Christmas morning give them a travel gift certificate. It is the easiest gift to buy and the one that your friends and family will most cherish. Let’s face it, who needs one more ugly tie or one more bottle of cheap perfume to store in the closet? The most valued gifts today are not possessions but experiences. Call our office today (402-435-8888) and ask one of our friendly travel advisors to issue a travel gift certificate in any denomination you like. Yours will be the most popular gift this Christmas.

Delta’s operations in Atlanta getting back to normal after electrical outage –

Over 1400 Delta flights were cancelled on Sunday and Monday this past weekend as the Atlanta Airport suffered a massive electrical outage. Delta was very quick to offer travelers the ability to rebook flights without a change fee. They also offered the option to refund tickets to those wanting to cancel their flights. It appears that almost all the worst is behind us and Tuesday travel appears to be about normal. I am very proud of our team at Executive Travel as we worked over the weekend to contact dozens of travels affected and help them with options to get to their destination. One more big reason to use your friendly travel advisor the next time you fly.

Is the TSA about to prohibit taking food through the security check-point? –

I just received a shocking email from Steve Haynes, President & Publisher of Nor’West Newspapers that he was recently checking in to fly and “TSA agents were making everyone remove anything that can be consumed or eaten from carryon luggage. They said this was a coming practice to be instituted across the country by spring.” This would be a big change and one that I think would go over like a lead balloon. Lets hope this test does not get traction.

End-of-Year Warning! – Protect your airline and hotel elite status before the end of the year –

One of the most valuable things a frequent traveler can do is to make sure you retain your current airline and hotel elete status for the new year. A simple call to your preferred airline or hotel and they will tell you if you are on track to maintain your status and all the bennies that go with it like complimentary upgrades, etc. If you are short be sure to check to see if you have earned all your credits. If you still are just a few miles or stays short many people look at doing a quick mileage run (airline) or mattress run (hotel) to earn enough points to put you over the top.

Merry Christmas, Europe! –

One of my favorite and back-by-popular-demand tours goes to the Christmas markets in Europe. Make sure to reserve your spot for next year’s magical tour to Austria and Germany. Our knowledgeable and wonderful tour guide, Hildrun Mathies, will lead you through the magic and most sought-after Christmas markets Europe has to offer. This once-in-a-lifetime fairy tale journey takes you through Vienna, Salzburg, Nuremberg and Munich. The days are filled with fun, local tastings, and rich in stories, myths and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. CLICK HERE to see all the details. Call or email our friendly Group Department at 402-435-8888 / to learn all the details of this alluring and charming tour.

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