Here is my Blockbuster prediction for the year –

Here is my Blockbuster prediction for the year –

In two weeks you will see the biggest airfare sale in the last 10 years –

Airlines are seeing a massive amount of ticket refunds and lower ticket sales because of the virus panic. They are also smart enough to know that you always get out of the way of a stampede. They will let the current panic subside before they launch any new marketing campaigns. Many people are optimistic that panic will soon give way to a balanced approach in the coming weeks. And when that time comes, I predict you will see a massive airfare sale to get people into those empty seats. Today I spoke with several airline reps who asked me what could be done to stimulate travel again. I suggested they wait a few weeks and launch a buy-one, get-one-free airline ticket campaign. This would surely get people traveling again once people are more confident in knowing more about the risks of Coronavirus. Let’s see if they listen to me.

Now is the time to use your frequent flyer miles to cash in for business class tickets to Europe – 

This last week I checked many flights to see if I could find “saver” miles space for business class tickets to Europe. I was amazed to see how many flights had business class seats available that I could redeem for miles. Now is the time to take advantage of this amazing window to capture business class seats using your airline and credit card frequent flyer miles.

I just returned from a trip to Berlin, Germany –

As you know, many people have become paralyzed by all the information (good and bad) about the Coronavirus. Last week I shared with you my perspective, that it is right to be cautious but wrong for us to become paralyzed. With this in mind, I decided to fly over the pond to see what I could see. My general observations were that international flights that normally are 90% full were 60% full. Domestic flights I flew were packed. I only saw four people wearing masks on flights I was on. It will be interesting to see what happens this week with flight changes and cancellations.

My prediction last week came true –

Last week I predicted that “Every single one of us will be affected by Coronavirus”. Sure enough, the stock market has lost over $6 trillion in value in the last 6 days. The more we panic the higher the price this virus will cost us.

If I hear “Wash your hands” one more time! – 

It is amazing that our personal hygiene is so poor today. I hope the one positive thing that will come from this scare is that people will be more responsible with their personal hygiene. Unfortunately, when I flew last week I noticed that almost 25% of the people in the restroom did not wash their hands before leaving the restroom. That is a really sad commentary on our society today. Let’s hope we can change some of this disappointing behavior.

I am amazed at the number of people who don’t use a professional travel advisor who have called me this week for advice – 

This virus is the perfect example of why “YOU” should use a friendly travel advisor for all your travel reservations. Not only do we provide great value, options, and advice, but we also help you out of a mess like this virus when the doo doo hits the fan. If you are looking for someone to coach you through times like these we would view it as an honor to help you on your next trip.

Are you ready for some wild west excitement? –

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