Here is one big reason to fly on the BIG 3 airlines for business –

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Sunday night I was scheduled to fly on United Airlines from Omaha to Chicago for a business meeting. As luck would have it, just before we were about to load the plane we heard the announcement that the plane had a flat tire and one would need to be flown in so the flight was in jeopardy. I immediately called a friendly travel agent and they said United would be willing to put me on the American flight leaving 50 minutes later. Basically, one major reason for flying with American, Delta and United Airlines instead of the other carriers is that if one has a problem they can accommodate you on one of the BIG 3 for no additional cost. Basically, this is a giant safety valve for business travelers who have to be at a meeting. Sometimes saving $10 on a so-called “low cost’ airline can actually cost you hundreds of dollars more.

Southwest Airlines increases the cost of Upgraded boarding to $50 –

Southwest Airlines is the only major U.S. Airline that does not offer advanced seat assignments. What some travelers commonly call the “Southwest cattle call” requires passengers to choose their seats as they board the plane. The best seats go to those boarding first (A group) and the dreaded middle seats go to those unlucky enough to be in the late B and C boarding groups. Upgraded boarding guarantees a passenger an A 1-15 boarding position. You can also get A 1-15 boarding position by paying almost twice the cost for a business select fare. Once again saving $10 on a so-called “low cost” airline can actually cost you hundreds of dollars more.

Marijuana “amnesty boxes” added at Las Vegas airport –

What happens in Vegas truly needs to stay in Vegas. Recently it has been reported that the Las Vegas airport added 13 bright green boxes for travelers who want to get rid of their marijuana before they enter the plane. Weed is now legal in Nevada but illegal inside the airport so the boxes have been placed outside for travelers to dump and dash. It will be interesting to see if they have a lot of people willing to dumpster dive to help out with the Nevada recycling efforts.

Did you know Expedia does not offer Southwest Airlines on their website? –

Most people are amazed to find out that one of the largest airlines flights are not listed on the giant travel site. The good news is that Executive Travel offers Southwest Airlines and hundreds of other airlines around the world. One call does it all.

My best advice of the year – Don’t buy airline miles –

This past week I received an email from an airline offering to sell me airline miles with a bonus of from 7,000 to 42,000 FREE bonus miles with purchase. Many people think this is a good deal but if you look at the numbers you can often purchase an airline ticket for a much cheaper price and not have the hassle of finding available space to use your airline miles. For example, this offer allowed the purchase of 20,000 miles plus 7,000 bonus miles for a cost of $590. It takes 25,000 – 50,000 miles to redeem for a free airline ticket. For the vacation traveler, this is not a very good deal as many tickets can be purchased for less than $590. If that same ticket requires 50,000 miles you will pay $1190 for enough miles to get the freebie. Bottom line, 9 times out of 10 buying airline miles is not a good deal.

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