Here is one of my biggest pet peeves when flying… People who wear backpacks on airplanes

Here is one of my biggest pet peeves when flying… People who wear backpacks on airplanes

On my last three flights, I have been hit in the head by people wearing backpacks who turn sideways only to have their backpack slap me upside the head when I am sitting in my aisle seat. I am not asking that backpacks be outlawed on flights but that with every backpack sold, travelers have to watch a YouTube training video on how to be nice to their fellow fliers when wearing a backpack. Another option is, similar to taking a driver’s license, backpackers have to pass a test to train them that they are wearing a dangerous weapon on their back. Lastly, maybe they could simply say “I’m sorry” when they clobber me in the head. 

United has secretly stopped offering snacks on flights of fewer than 800 miles –  No more Stroopwafels. No more pretzels. No more Biscoff cookies. United’s CEO recently said they want to become the premier airline in the industry but I don’t think this move is consistent with his goal. Even budget airline Southwest offers pretzels. 

Frontier and Spirit Airlines to merge to become powerhouse 5th largest airline – The two budget airlines hope to pass antitrust scrutiny and give the mega airlines a run for their money. If this merger goes through the top five airlines by seats flown will be Southwest, American, Delta, United, and then Frontier/Spirit. My guess is the new airline will be named Frontierit or Spiritier. Let me know if you think of a good name. 

Travel is back to normal – I just returned from a weekend in the Phoenix area and one thing came to mind. Aside from wearing masks on planes and in airports, everything seemed like flying was back to normal again. The planes were full. The restaurants were full. And people were everywhere shopping and spending once again. It felt so good. 

Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Resort is a great place to stay in Scottsdale for a weekend getaway – If you are looking for a great getaway from the snow and cold of winter the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Resort offers great facilities, service, outstanding food as well an amazing spa, pools, and meeting facilities. Prices are a tad bit high but certainly worth it if you want a top-end experience. The only negative is that it is a little spread out and you may have to walk a ways to your room. 

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