Here is the good, the bad and the ugly about Southwest Airlines –

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I am flying this week to St. Louis for a meeting of BCD Travel Affiliates and decided to take the non-stop flight from Omaha to STL on Southwest Airlines. This made me think it was about time that I gave you my two cents on what is good, bad and ugly about Southwest airline.

On-time arrivals and departures (Good) –

SW is the one airline I can usually count on to arrive and depart on time. As they have grown to service cities in the snow belt they have been affected more by winter delays, however, I am always amazed that when other airlines flying to Chicago have delayed or canceled flights I often see that the SW flights are still flying.

Friendly staff that smile (Good) –

These guys and girls at SW seem like they enjoy their jobs. Even the staff answering the phones sound like they have an attitude of “how can I help you” rather than trying to read the rules to cause more pain. I think the staff at Disneyworld and Southwest must all take magical happy pills every morning.

High airfares (Bad) –

Southwest used to be the low cost airline, however, if you compare their prices with other airlines they are often much higher today. Southwest’s marketing department has done a brilliant job of making you believe they offer the lowest prices. They also have been very smart by not allowing many online travel sites to show their airfares compared to other airlines. Bottom line – Don’t believe the hype that Southwest is always the lowest price.

Free baggage (Good) –

SW is the only major airline that does not charge to check in baggage. This will save you about $50 per bag round trip.

No assigned seats (Bad) –

SW does not allow for assigned seats. They have what many business travelers have nicknamed a “cattle call” where based on when you go online to get your boarding pass you are assigned a zone and number and that is how you enter the plane to grab your seat. SW does offer early-bird check-in that allows you early check-in for $15 each way.

No flight change fee (Good) –

Southwest does not charge a fee to change your ticket to another flight while most airlines will charge you $200. This is a giant savings for business travelers who sometimes have to change their flights multiple times.

Fast baggage claim service (Good) –

Though I rarely check bags, when I do on Southwest it always seems like the bags arrive in half the time that it takes other airlines to get the bags on the carousel.

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