Hip, Hip, Hooray! A judge strikes down the airline mask mandate

Hip, Hip, Hooray! A judge strikes down the airline mask mandate

Last night a federal judge struck down the CDC mandate requiring the wearing of masks on airplanes, trains, and on all public transportation. Within hours of that ruling, the White House announced they would no longer enforce the mandate for mask-wearing on public transportation. United Airlines and other airlines minutes later unmasked their customers. This is giant news for the travel industry as it removes one more obstacle that prevented millions of potential travelers from reengaging with the travel industry. Click here to read about the good news. 

Now that masks are history it is time to say goodbye to requiring a COVID test before entering the U.S – Most of the free world has eliminated COVID testing as a requirement to enter their countries. It is time for us to take down this massive and expensive barrier for U.S. citizens and visitors alike. I had a good friend flying back to Nebraska from Warsaw on Monday. Current law requires he gets a PCR test within 24 hours of his flight. The only problem is all the testing stations in Warsaw were closed on Sunday and Monday for Easter. He had to fly to Frankfurt, Germany, and pay $250 to get a COVID test before he could get on his connecting flight. That is ridiculous. It is time to stop the madness. 

Travel to Europe is safe and secure this summer – I bet a hundred people have asked me this spring if it was safe to travel to Europe this spring and summer with the war in Ukraine going on and the tail end of COVID lingering. The answer is a resounding YES! In the last month, I have been in Dubai, Istanbul, Frankfurt, and Warsaw. Never did I feel at risk or even hear any concern from the locals. Even river cruises in Europe have filled up in May and it will be hard to find cabins for the rest of the summer. It’s time to travel and Europeans have their arms wide open to welcome us. 

Operation Safe Harbor Ukraine is having a giant impact on Ukrainian families – As many of you are aware 3 weeks ago Executive Travel made a commitment to reserve 50 rooms in Warsaw with a goal of providing housing, food, and medical support for up 200 Ukrainians at a time. Thanks to many of our readers our fundraising efforts have successfully allowed us to extend our efforts through April into May and partially into June. Please visit www.OperationSafeHarborUkraine.com and visit our daily report to learn how we are helping people in their darkest hours. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity, care, and love. CLICK HERE for an article in today’s paper about our work in Poland.  

Executive Travel is celebrating our 35th anniversary. It’s time to party! – This Saturday we are sponsoring Country Music legend George Strait to throw us a giant wing-ding at Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, NE. It’s time to put on the boots and hats and let out a giant holler or two. I have been so blessed to work every day with an amazing team and also with the greatest customers and vendor partners in the world. Please know that it has been an honor for us to serve you for the last 35 years. With our CrackerJack team, we are now setting our sights on doing 35 years more. We are humbled by your business, friendship, and trust.

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