Hotel ratings on TripAdvisor can be a joke –

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If you are using TripAdvisor as your primary source for hotel ratings you might as well roll a pair of dice to rate the hotel. To show you how wacky TripAdvisor ratings are, a travel magazine pointed out how the famous Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs, Colorado is rated 4.5 on Trip Advisor. And at the same time, TripAdvisor rates the Staybridge Suites, Hampton Inn, and the Radisson Hotel the same 4.5. Give me a break. The Broadmoor is one of the iconic and historically significant resorts in the world and TripAdvisor says it is the same quality as staying at a Hampton Inn. At best the Staybridge Suites and Hampton Inn are 3.5-star hotels. Some could argue that The Broadmoor is either 4.5 or 5 stars, but comparing it with a Staybridge or Hampton Inn makes the ratings of TripAdvisor a joke at best or at worst make someone wonder if there are not some financial shenanigans going on with TripAdvisor.

Hidden Resort fees can add up to $45 a night to your hotel bill –

A majority of hotels and resorts in tropical destinations today are charging daily resort fees on top of your daily room charge. In theory, these fees pay for access to the pool, sauna, workout rooms and other hotel amenities whether you use these services or not. Hotels in Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean and even Las Vegas have for years been adding these fees as travelers check into the resort. Resort fees can range from $10 per room, per night to $45 per room, per night. Just recently hotels in New York City started charging a mandatory $25 a night “destination fee”. If the truth be told these fees are just one more way to extract money from hotel customers similar to the wi-fi fee that everyone hated. Now that the wi-fi fees are beginning to die the slow death they deserve perhaps this will allow the consumer to focus on how outrageous it is that hotels charge a resort fee and someday make it become as extinct as the dinosaur. CLICK HERE to read more on the new Destination fee in NYC.

In travel, You get what you pay for –

One of my favorite travel writers is Richard Turen who is a writer for Travel Weekly. His recent article really hit the nail on the head when we pronounced that in travel, you get what you pay for. It is that simple. He does a masterful job of explaining why you do not want “cheap” when it comes to travel, especially hotels. There is a big difference between “Cheap” and “Great Value”. His article takes only about 3 minutes to read so CLICK HERE to read more.

Enforce Your Travel Policy, Or Get Rid Of It –

This past week I wrote an article that appeared in the travel trade publication called “The Company dime’. The title of the article was “Enforce your travel policy, or get rid of it”. My article provided eight things that companies should consider to make a travel policy enforceable and adhered to by travelers. CLICK HERE to read the article.

Book your holiday travel now –

I know this sounds crazy but we are already seeing an amazing amount of early bookings for airlines and hotel reservations around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Even finding a hotel in a sun and fun resort destination between Christmas and New Years is starting to get very difficult to locate. If you are looking for bargains please don’t hold your breath. When things start to fill up this early prices go up even faster. Call one of our friendly travel advisors at 402-435-8888 and let us help you find your holiday vacation getaway.

Germany Brewery Tour and Oktoberfest – Final Call –

Join the most fun tour ever! Travel with us to Germany this September 26 – October 4, to tickle your taste buds as we visit some of the most spectacular breweries in the world, and enjoy a day at the Munich Oktoberfest. Our journey begins in Frankfurt and ends in Munich taking in some of the greatest sights of European culture and history while enjoying fabulous beer and food. Limited space available, see all the details HERE and call our friendly Group Department at 402-435-8888 to sign up today.

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