How to trade 9 degrees below zero for 85 degrees this weekend for less than you think –

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You can get out of this cold right now. Many people think they have to plan months in advance for a winter vacation. This morning on my ride to work I thought I would check to see what it would cost me for a short trip to Cancun leaving Thursday and returning Sunday. Turns out for about $1100-1300 per person (air and hotel)  I can fly from Omaha and be on the beach this Thursday. Airfares from our friends at American and United are very reasonable at around $650 to $750 RT. Add to that a nice 4-star hotel and you have 4 days of hot weather and sandy beaches. Call one of our friendly travel advisors at 402-435-8888 and let us help you find a fast, tropical getaway.  P.S. I am taking my own advice and leaving for St. Martin this Wednesday.

A giant airfare war was just announced to Hawaii –

One of my predictions for 2019 was there would be a big airfare war to Hawaii when Southwest Airlines started flying there. On Sunday night we found out that Southwest would start flying from California to Hawaii starting March 17, 2019. Tickets are on sale right now and these promotional, introductory fares run as low as $49 per person one-way between California and Honolulu. Service is starting from Oakland to Honolulu on March 17, followed by San Jose –Honolulu service on May 5. CLICK HERE to read more or call 402-435-8888.

Denver airport has the best shoe shine in the world –

One of the simple pleasures I get when I travel is a simple shoe shine. Of all the airports in the world I have traveled through, I have found that the best shoe shine is found at the Denver International Airport at the Executive Shine station. Shining shoes to them is almost artwork. First, they clean your shoes, then they put a cream on them to soften them, then add layer after layer of polish. They also have a technique that I have never seen anywhere else of using a small flame machine to heat your polish on your shoes. These people are magical. The best part of all is that these people work very hard and always seem very joyful and happy.  Their motto is Shoeshine Services – Powered by Love. Check out their web site.

Stockholders can receive cruise benefits –

Old friend Harlow Hyde called me recently to tell me that he and his wife have become avid cruisers. He also told me that long ago he purchased stock in Carnival Cruise lines (CCL stock) which has not only provided him with a good stock investment with a nice dividend but also every time he cruises  (Carnival, Holland America, Princess, and Cunard) he receives a $250 onboard credit.  Royal Caribbean Cruises (RCL) and Norwegian Cruise Lines also appear to provide this $250 on board stockholder credit. He did warn me that there is some paperwork to fill out to get the onboard credit and you have to own at least 100 shares of stock. With CCL stock running about $57 a share this means to get the onboard credit you have to invest about $5700. If you do a lot of cruising this might make sense.  Cruise twice a year and you receive $500 onboard credit equal to an 8.7% return on your stock. Add to that the 3.5% dividend and you have a pretty healthy 12.2% return. (Please note I am not a stock broker and you should not rely on me for stock advice). CLICK HERE to read more.

Join our group to the Big Apple this July! – 

Along with the Lied Center for Performing Arts, Executive Travel is hosting an exceptional tour of New York City this July 25-28. Back by popular demand, we have tailored a fun-filled extraordinary tour, including two exceptional Broadway performances; “Pretty Women” and “Moulin Rouge”. We have also included a visit to the Louis Armstrong House Museum and an evening at one of the best jazz clubs in town. Get an inside perspective on the most exciting city on earth with great shopping, dining, and photography opportunities. Space is limited to 20 travelers so call Beth at our friendly group department today: 402-858-0033 or email: GroupDepartment@executivetravel.comCLICK HERE for full tour program. Do not hesitate!


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