Hyatt Hotels launches new loyalty program and members are mad as a hornet’s nest –

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Hyatt Hotels is launching a new updated loyalty program in March, 2017 that is causing many of its 20 million Hyatt Gold Passport program members a major case of indigestion. To earn top status in the new program will require a traveler to stay two whole months (60 nights) in a hotel room each year to earn elite status as Hyatt no longer will credit the number of stays but only room nights. Many business travelers who saw the recent merger of Marriott and Starwood were hoping Hyatt would launch a new positive program that could attract many Starwood SPG members away from Marriott. The negative comments I have been reading online about the new program called the “World of Hyatt” appear to cast a large cloud over the new program. I hope Hyatt is able to fine tune the program so it can be viewed as on equal ground with Marriott, SPG and Hilton moving forward.

After 43 years of profits Southwest Airlines is losing some support on Wall Street –

Last week Southwest Airline’s stock fell like a rock (-8%) after it announced 3rd quarter profits. For years Southwest had been the darling of the airline sector on Wall street. Now it appears that they are getting a lot of pricing pressure from the big three above (United, American and Delta) as well as major pricing pressure from the little two below them (Frontier and Spirit Airlines). Add to that, fuel prices on the rise, rapidly increasing labor costs, and a lot more empty seats and some on Wall street have put away the green flag and are raising the yellow flag on the skies ahead for Southwest. Southwest does have two things going for it. No bag fees and No change fees are two major marketing advantages that still put them at the top of many travelers’ lists, however, most people don’t realize that many times you actually pay more for your airline ticket on Southwest to get these two perks.

Hotel pet peeve #21 – Tissue puffs on top of tissue boxes –

This last week after checking into my hotel room I walked into the bathroom and there it was sitting on the counter, the dreaded facial tissue box (Kleenex) with the hand designed “tissue puff” on top. This bugs the heck out of me as one of my biggest pet peeves with hotels is when the housekeeping staff pulls out two or three tissues from the Kleenex box and stuffs them back into the box so it looks like they have built a pretty puff, flower, cloud or animal something. The first thing I do when I see that hand made little “puff” on top of the tissue box is to pull out the top three layers and throw it into the trash can. I really don’t want to use the tissues that someone has “designed’ after they have cleaned the bathroom. I feel so guilty when I do this as I know I am wasting tissue, but there is no way I am going to use facial tissue that has been “handled’ before me. Am I the only one on this planet that this bugs?

Mexico and Caribbean Resorts offering up to 40% off for travel this fall and winter –

This is the time of the year for great prices for travel to the Caribbean and Mexico. We are seeing some resorts offering discounts as much as 40% off for travel between now and early January. Call one of our friendly travel advisors (402-435-8888) to see how we can find you the perfect balance of quality and value.

Major airlines are going to war to win international business class travelers –

American, Delta and United have all announced they are “putting on the Ritz” with their new international business class seats in order to attract more business travelers to help their bottom lines. The new business class cabins are strikingly different than those of just a few years ago. If the big three can improve on the business class service levels of the past these new seat designs will be on par with those offered by internationally flagged airlines who have led the business class wave. Not only are all the new business class seats lay flat but some include a private room, world class food and drink, wide seats and lux amenities. A recent article in Bloomberg Pursuits titled “Who’s Winning the U.S. Business Class Cabin Showdown?” lists all the details of the new business class cabins we can expect to see in the coming months and years ahead. CLICK HERE to read about these great new travel perks.

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