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I have long been a supporter of the ride-sharing company Uber but they have been consistently understating the wait times for their cars to the point I don’t trust them anymore. This week in San Diego the 3 minute estimated wait time turned into 12 minutes and I finally just canceled the ride request. To add insult to injury Uber charged me $9 to cancel the ride even though it was obvious the car would not arrive until 25 minutes later. This has happened to me so many times I have decided to start using Lyft to see if they are any better. I think that Uber understands that if they told you the truth that a car would take 25 minutes to get to you that you would never press the accept button. They hope by understating the wait time for your car that you will put up with the extra wait versus paying a possible penalty to cancel your request.

Many Uber drivers are also Lyft drivers –

I have noticed that many Uber cars I am in also have a Lyft symbol on their windshield. I have asked the last three drivers which company treats them better and they say Lyft. I think it is time to switch to Lyft.

Is Uber headed toward bankruptcy? I think so unless it gets self-driving cars within 2 years –

Uber recently announced that they improved their earnings for the last quarter by losing only $891 million dollars! How is that for smoke and mirrors? Uber lost $4.5 Billion in 2017 and has lost over $11 Billion since they started in 2009. Uber is privately held and says they plan to go public in 2019. They have over $7 billion of cash on hand so I doubt if they run out of money before their IPO (initial public offering). The bottom line is this: Uber’s current business model is a loser. They have to make dramatic changes either in their pricing or business model or they will sink like a rock. I think their only hope is that they get self-driving (autonomous) vehicles within the next two years which will cut their costs by an estimated 40%. CLICK HERE for the scoop on how much Uber loses.

Be careful when charging your phone at the airport –

Be extra careful plugging your phone into a USB port at many airports without using a USB Data Blocker. It turns out that the bad guys have figured out ways to put malicious code/virus into the devices that you plug the USB end into (like airport charging kiosks). You can buy USB data blockers for about $6 at many online stores. Also, the crackerjack security team at Executive Travel is warning our travelers to turn off our Bluetooth on our phones when they are not using it as it is also a way the bad guys can access our phones. It sure is getting complicated to travel anymore!

Marriott and Starwood got married over the weekend –

The long-awaited merger happened over the weekend and most loyalty members saw the many changes applied to their loyalty reward points. If you were an SGP member you saw a tripling of your points so they equal the value of Marriott points. Unfortunately, the cost of redeeming the points has also gone up by 3X as well. I am holding my breath that the newly joined programs maintain the same value. CLICK HERE to read more about the merger.

Attend our FREE Travel Nights! –

Join our FREE and exciting Travel Nights this and next week. On Thursday, August 23, at 7:00 PM we head out to the Pour House in Friend (511 2nd St, Friend, NE 68359), to present our Women of Nebraska travel concept and all the exciting women-only tours. RSVP HERE for this event. It will be a fun-filled evening! On Monday, August 27, at 7:00 PM at the Lincoln Community Playhouse (2500 S 56th St, Lincoln, NE 68506) we are presenting our wonderful “Christie, Cottages and Comedy” to London and the Cotswolds, U.K., lead by Morrie Enders. RSVP HERE to let us know you are coming, or call our friendly Group Department at 402-435-8888 to register. Looking forward to seeing you!

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