I am thinking of bringing a pet turtle on my next flight as my emotional support animal –

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Bringing emotional support animals on airplanes is getting way out of control. So much so that the airlines are crying to the DOT that they need better guidelines on what to allow on planes. During the last year, I have noticed a dramatic increase in the number of dogs and cats that many suspect are just an easy way to skirt the airline rules that require a $125 one-way fee to transport an animal in the cabin. I am in full support for emotional support animals for those truly needing them. I just think some are taking advantage of the rule so those truly in need will be hurt by tighter controls. Travel Weekly has a nice article explaining what is going on with the rules. CLICK HERE to read more.

I can see how a $264 a night hotel room will soon be marketed for $89 a night –

Several years ago the federal government allowed hotels to deceptively hide any resort fees and other charges from their customers by allowing hotels to charge these fees when you check-in at the hotel. Since that time hotels have gone crazy adding all kinds of resort fees and other fees on top of the room rate you reserve when making a reservation. Many hotels now charge resort fees ranging from $25 to $75 a night. Others charge destination fees of $25 to $75 a night. Add on early check-in fees, late check out fees, housekeeping fees and on and on. I anticipate the marketing gurus at some hotels will start placing a lowball hotel rate like $89 on websites to get unsuspecting people to sign up. They will just simply add a $75 resort fee, plus a $75 destination fee plus a $25 housekeeping fee and Shazam! Your $89 hotel room is now $264 when you check in. To add further insult to injury, you have to add local taxes and fees on top of the nightly rate. If this is in New York City you add 14.75% on top for an additional $38.94 bringing your total nightly cost up to $302.94 per night. How crazy can this get? This is all legal (but certainly not ethical).

One of the five core values of Executive Travel is that we always “Make Mom Proud”. I don’t think anyone in the hotel industry charging resort, destination fees or housekeeping fees would qualify to be on our team.

Here is another example of why you want to stay away from low-cost airlines –

Ryanair is one of Europes largest low-cost airlines. This is great news if you want cheap, cheap, cheap airline tickets. But it is bad news when the airline has cancelled flights or goes on strike. Just ask the passengers who bought tickets on Ryanair what the airline is planning to do when their pilots across Europe go on strike this week. Basically, the passengers are OUT OF LUCK! You see low-cost airlines do not have interline agreementswith other airlines to take their passengers when they have flight disruptions or delays. How good is that $89 fare if you can’t get to your destination? This is not just a European phenomenon. If you fly Southwest, Spirit, Allegiant, and Frontier in the U.S. you are at risk if anything from weather to a delayed flight comes your way.

Three cheers for American Airlines who is now allowing Executive Travel to assist passengers with buyers remorse who purchased ‘basic economy’ seating –

It is so refreshing to see an airline like American who has observed that some travelers purchase the low-cost “basic economy” seating and later come to realize that it does not allow for upgrades, carry-on luggage, seat assignments and other benefits. American is now allowing Executive Travel the ability to help customers exchange these tickets for less restricted tickets at a reasonable fee. There are several restrictions but overall this is positive news for people who grab a low airfare only to find out it does not fit their needs.

Christie, Cottages, and Comedy – Join our tour to London and the Cotswolds! –

We are excited to bring you the greatest tour of London and the Cotswolds this coming May, 20-28. Join Lincoln Community Playhouse and Executive Travel as we take off for a tour of the best that London and the honey-colored picturesque countryside of the Cotswolds have to offer. We will walk in the footsteps of the greatest English playwright, follow Sherlock and Christie, and enjoy two West End shows. But that’s not all! Visits to the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Windsor Castle, Bath, Blenheim Palace and Oxford are just a few of the places we are taking a closer look at.

Space is limited to 25 travelers so do not hesitate to reserve your spot today. Call or email our friendly group department 402-435-8888 or GroupDepartment@executivetravel.com. To see all the details CLICK HERE!


On a personal note –

My step-father, Albert Christensen, passed away in his sleep last week in Apache Junction, Arizona. Albert (Ab) was 92 years old. Ab had a profound impact on my life and that of my brother as he taught us how to work hard, treat people right, and to be honest. Ab had a very sharp mind right up to the end. I think I got some of my entrepreneurial spirit from Ab as he was a pool hall owner, auctioneer, real estate agent, custom hay baler and farmer. Ab had nothing but the clothes on his back when he returned from the war to Pawnee City, Nebraska. He never complained but new if he worked hard enough he would be successful, and he was.

To this day I feel that I have been the most blessed man on this earth. Ab Christensen provided me and our family (my brother and mom) with the security and confidence to build a positive life of joy and happiness knowing that we were loved and someone was always there to protect us.

Our family has never been too affectionate with hugging and kissing and even saying things like “I Love you”. This past year one of my greatest joys was being able to tell Ab that I loved him before he passed. I hope you take the time to say those magical three words with the ones you love this week.

I will miss Ab very much.


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