If you thought all the planes were full this year, you were right –

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Recent information from IATA reports that global air passenger traffic grew an amazing 7.9% during the first 6 months of 2017 to reach a 12 year high. Airlines also set a record by filling an amazing 80% of all their seats. Just a few years ago the airlines were averaging about 67% of their seats full. Almost all the planes that I fly are full. I took a 5am flight two weeks ago to Chicago thinking I would have the plane to myself only to find it was full to the gills. This is good news for the airlines but can be a major headache to travelers as I explain below: CLICK HERE to read more.

Warning! Full planes means you could be stuck for 2 -4 days if a major weather event happens –

Just this last week Chicago had a bad day of storms. We had an associate attending a seminar in Chicago who had his flight canceled because of the weather. His only option was to wait 2 days until there was an empty seat on another flight to Omaha. He decided to rent a car and drive the 7 hours to Omaha.

Let’s do the math on how full airplanes can delay your travel for 2-4 days –

Let’s assume an airline has 6 flights a day from Omaha to Chicago that are 80% full. A massive snow storm hits Chicago causing all six flights to be canceled because of the weather. If each flight averages 150 seats and the planes are 80% full you have 720 passengers (150 pax/flight X 6 flights X 80% full) who are displaced. Passengers are then forced in trying to find a seat the next day only to see there are only 180 empty seats as those flights are also 80% full. Basically, it can take as long as four days to find the additional 720 empty seats that were displaced because of a snow storm.

Steve’s Travel tip #91 – Business travelers need to take non-stop (direct) flights when planes are this full –

Almost every week we are seeing a weather event, computer malfunction, or even mechanical delays that are causing thousands of people to have their flights delayed or canceled. If you have serious business to attend to it is probably worth the extra $100 to $200 to pay for a direct flight to avoid the possibility of major delays. This is especially true when heading into the upcoming winter travel season.

Be sure to check to see if your Global Entry or TSA Pre-Check pass is set to expire in the next few months –

I was shocked to find out that my Global Entry pass is set to expire in April of 2018 (on my birthday). It turns out they are only good for 5 years and you have to re-apply to renew the card. It seems like it was only yesterday that I got my Global Entry pass. It is still the best travel investment I have ever made as it has allowed me to save hours and hours waiting in line.

The case of the shrinking airline seat –

Just a few days ago a federal court ordered the FAA to investigate if the airline’s massive movement to shrink the size of their airplane seats possess a safety risk and should the FAA impose minimum seat standards. The airlines are quietly shrinking the size of seats on planes so they can add more seats that they can sell. The seats are getting so small that for many people of stature (size) like me find it almost painful to fly on some flights today. Ironically, instead of taking the issue on from a comfort perspective the flying public is challenging the safety aspects as well. Let’s hope some kind of minimum seat size can be prescribed to treat passengers, not like self- loading freight. CLICK HERE to read more.

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