Is flying in coach class dangerous to your health? –

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All the major airlines are adding more and more rows of seats on airplanes in order to generate more profits. Recently I was on a domestic flight flying in a coach seat and the seats were so tight my knees were painfully burrowed into the seat in front of me. Guess what happened next? The friendly chap in front of me suddenly reclined his seat and nearly decapitated my kneecaps. Enough is enough! The seat pitch on some airplanes is almost cruel and unusual punishment. I have never been a big advocate for the government messing with private business, however, in this case, I would support some kind of a passenger bill of rights that includes a guaranteed amount of seat space. Recently a judge ruled that the space between rows of seats represents a “life-and-death” safety concern and ordered the FAA to review their rules. If the airlines don’t care about their customers’ comfort then maybe it is time for regulation. CLICK HERE to read more.

Giant airfare sale ends this Thursday –

Almost all the major airlines are offering big airfare sales to fill seats during this fall and winter. This sale is offering one-way fares to a limited number of cities for under $100, which is a very good deal. To take advantage of this airfare sale you must book by Sept 21. A 21-day advance purchase is required and blackout dates apply. This sale is valid for travel in the Continental US until March 7, 2018. Call one of our friendly travel advisors (402-435-8888) and let us help you find the perfect getaway.

Put away your driver’s license, facial recognition and fingerprints are being tested for increased airport security –

Skift is reporting that at five airports across the U.S., travelers departing on some international flights are being asked to stick their faces in front of a camera before boarding the plane. The machine takes a photo and compares it with a database of images of people who are supposed to be on the flight. If the software finds a match, the person proceeds to board. If it doesn’t, the traveler gets additional screening from a security officer. The facial-recognition program run by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, in its pilot stage but likely to expand next year, aims to increase security and keep lines moving. This seems pretty cool and creepy at the same time. While I like the convenience of speeding up the process and adding extra measures of security, I don’t know if I like Uncle Sam knowing everything about me and where I am all the time.

United Airlines is rapidly expanding it international destinations – 

It seems like every two weeks United Airlines announces that it is adding more and more flights around the globe. This week they added four more international routes to Europe which includes Iceland, Portugal, and Scotland. Earlier this year United boasted that they would soon be flying the three longest flights in the world which includes: LAX – Singapore, which is the longest in the world, followed by the second longest flight from Houston to Sydney and the third longest which is San Francisco to Singapore. It is sure fun to watch United expand its footprint around the globe. It seems that United is betting that the money to be made in the future will be flying international flights fed by a massive hub and spoke domestic system. CLICK HERE to read a good article about the fleet and hubs of United Airlines.

All these hurricanes are a good reminder of the value of having a great travel advisor looking out for you – 

These last three weeks have been the best of times and the most difficult of times for our staff and our customers who have been fighting one hurricane after another. I am so proud of our team as they have spent endless hours helping out stranded travelers get home and many to reroute to avoid the calamity. When a dramatic weather event happens your friendly travel advisor is here to help. The airlines get so swamped during these events that it can take up to 6 hours to get through to them. And when you get through to them they only provide you with options that are limited to flying on their airline, not on others. Bad weather, canceled or delayed flights used to seem like the exception. Today they are almost the rule. For your next trip get the best protection you can by allowing one of our friendly travel advisors to protect your back. You will be glad you did.


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