Is it safe to travel to Mexico right now?

Is it safe to travel to Mexico right now?

That is the question we are asked a lot by travelers looking to head to the sun and fun beaches of Mexico after a recent news article about two people being killed along the Mexican border by gangs. The U.S. State Department has “do not travel” advisories in place for 6 of the 32 states in Mexico. Basically, the tourist areas of Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Cabo are relatively safe as Mexico makes sure that nothing hurts their number one economic driver of tourism. However, just like in the states, travelers need to always maintain a high level of situational awareness and avoid areas where illicit activities might occur. And my best advice is just like my mom always told me, “Nothing good happens after midnight” which is true the world over. CLICK HERE to read a great article about safety in Mexico.

United Airlines is making it easier for families with children to sit together – One of the biggest hassles facing a family flying with children is being able to get the whole family to sit together without the kids having to pay for an upgraded seat assignment. United Airlines has recently upgraded its mobile app so that it is easier to have children under 12 sit next to an adult in their party for free. CLICK HERE to read more.

Hotel service levels are starting to improve as more staff are hired – Many people have been disappointed in the service levels of many hotels during the last year. The main problem of course was a severe shortage of staffing.  In January hotels added 15,000 new workers and in February 14,000 hotel workers were added to the payrolls.  This is great news as the hotel service starts to recover from the pandemic and the nightmares of hotel service the last two years will be put in the rearview mirror. CLICK HERE to read more.

American, Delta, and United contract negotiations with pilots could lead to a death spiral in coming years – Last week American Airlines CEO announced he wants to get a deal done on a new pilot’s contract. His offer is to raise the salaries of pilots who fly wide-body international aircraft by 21% to $590,000 a year. There are four pilots on a long-haul international flight. Can you imagine what cost escalation this will bring to the airline industry? This is a fair warning that airfares are about to jump sky-high. Add to this pilots at each airline are negotiating for an industry-leading contract so if one contract goes up the others go up and have to beat the last deal. This is simply crazy and will lead to both higher airfares and a potential death spiral into bankruptcy if the economy goes into recession. CLICK HERE to read a good article.

Christmas Markets or the Holy Land? Open to All, Register Now! – Travel demand has never been higher, and our custom-tailored escorted tours are filling. Are you dreaming of a fairy tale journey to discover the world-famous Christmas markets of Austria and Germany? Do not hesitate to secure your spot(s) now; we travel right after Thanksgiving, November 25 – December 4. CLICK HERE to see all the details. And then there is the Holy Land. Join me as I take off with a small group to explore the “Biblical Wonders of Israel” next March 19-27. See the detailed itinerary HERE. If you would like a hard copy of the tour brochures, then just reach out to our friendly group department today at (402) 858-0033 or Remember my motto: “Do not wait; travel when you Can!”

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