It appears that international travelers will have to be tested upon arrival to prevent 14-day quarantine –

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It appears that international travelers will have to be tested upon arrival to prevent 14-day quarantine –

The major airlines of the world seem to be coalescing around the idea of testing international travelers who arrive from certain countries. Those that test negative will not have to quarantine for 14 days. Those that test positive will have to quarantine. I think this will allow many countries around the world to open up the global marketplace to business and tourism in the coming months. CLICK HERE to read more.

Airlines turn even more bearish which might lead to higher airfares – In May and June American, Southwest and United Airlines saw a nice bump in travelers which they used to decide to add additional flights back into the system with the hope they could steal some market share from others who were playing it more cautiously. Well, the increase in May and June ran into a headwind in July and August and now it looks like most airlines are starting to reduce flights for this fall and winter in order to survive COVID-19. For the last three weeks, we have seen amazingly low airfares in an attempt to fill seats. Now the airlines appear to be cutting hundreds of flights this fall. I think the bottom line is you will actually see airfares increase dramatically after Labor Day as the airlines try to squeeze every nickel they can from the few seats they have available to sell. CLICK HERE for more.

The holiday booking window is open with great prices. Act quickly if you are planning to visit grandma for Christmas –  I have been checking airfares this week and there still are very reasonable airfares for travel around Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Even with COVID, many people are hopeful and confident they will be able to fly safely in a couple of months to see relatives during the holidays. Now that school is starting historically the first few weeks after Labor Day everyone starts to turn their attention toward holiday travel.. Keep in mind the airlines have mothballed thousands of airplanes so if you are planning to fly during the holidays you better start your planning now. Call one of our friendly travel advisors at 402-435-8888 and they can help you find some great value for travel during the holidays.

This may be the last super airfare sale of the year – United offering $75 one-way fares – United Airlines recently announced a $75 airfare sale for many U.S. destinations for travel this fall and winter. This amazing sale ends on Wednesday, August 19 so you don’t want to procrastinate. United is also offering that you can change your flight any time before your day of departure for no additional cost. That’s a pretty nice spiff.

Remember the good ol’ days of $29 rooms in Las Vegas? They are back! – Las Vegas is the king of conventions and ever since COVID hit sin city many of the hotels have had to simply close their doors. Conventions have normally filled up about 20% of Las Vegas hotel rooms with convention-goers. With literally no meetings or conventions taking place now and into the next 6 to 12 months some are predicting that Las Vegas will need to make deals that no one can refuse. I already see $29 rooms during the week as a way to get people in their cars and back on the strip. Add that to cheap flights of $49 – $99 one way and we are living in a time warp of 25 years ago. Imagine a short trip to Vegas for a couple of hundred bucks.  CLICK HERE to read a good article questioning if Las Vegas can survive another year without conventions.