Long security lines at airports shrank at many airports Memorial Day –

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Reports coming in from travelers and the TSA indicate that at many airports in the U.S. the security lines shrank to moderate wait times of 30 minutes or less during the heavy Memorial Day travel weekend. Over the weekend major airports like Atlanta and Chicago appeared to have reasonable wait times at security while airports like Denver and Sacramento security lines bumped up to one hour during the busy travel times during the day. During the past three weeks a shortage of TSA security workers had led to nightmare stories of people waiting in lines for two hours or more in some major airports to clear security. In the past two weeks the airlines have pitched in and helped provide personnel at the security checkpoints to help speed the flow of screening. The TSA has also been reassigning staff from smaller airports to major airport hubs in order to have more trained people in place. Lets keep our fingers crossed that things continue to get better.

Expect high hotel prices to continue this summer –

Since the recession of 2008 hotel prices have been moving higher and higher even as thousands of new hotel rooms have been built around the globe. This summer you can expect to see hotel prices continue at very high prices in the U.S. while those in Europe , the Caribbean and Mexico soften as terror concerns and the Zika virus have caused some people to change their travel patterns. Despite the high prices the hotel business is still a boom or bust business as over 3 out of 10 rooms on average go empty across the hotel industry. For example four days a week a hotel might be full and three days a week the hotel may be half full. If you can find the right days then you will get sale prices while if you need a room when hotels are nearing capacity be ready to pull out your wallet and say ouch.

Wow! Amazing airfare sale to Europe for fall and winter travel –

United Airlines and others are offering some amazing airfare deals to many major European cities this fall and winter. Even flying from our tiny airport in Lincoln, Nebraska I found roundtrip prices to Paris ($698); London ($748); Rome ($686); Munich ($716) and Madrid ($649) for travel in September. These prices are blacked out around the holiday season of December 15, 2016, through January 8, 2017. And there is a $100 weekend surcharge for travel from Thursday to Sunday. Hurry as this airfare sale ends on June 7 and travel must be completed between August 23, 2016, and March 31, 2017 to save the big bucks.

“Seismic” shift taking place in European destinations visited by Americans –

The CEO of Trafalger Tours told Skift Newsletter his company is seeing a major change in the destinations Americans are traveling to this year. Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, and Scandinavian countries are hot while traditional tours to cities like London, Paris, and Rome are slowing down. One of the most interesting changes taking place we have seen by Americans when traveling abroad is that they are making their reservations much later than normal. Travel to Europe used to be booked 120 to 150 days in advance and now that is only 60 to 90 days in advance. The good news is if you want to tour Europe this September there are tours available and great airfares to get there.

Delta Air Lines gave away over 13 million free tickets and redemptions in 2015 –

Giant Delta Air Line is reported to have redeemed more than 312 billion miles for 13 million free airline tickets and reward redemptions during 2015. That is a lot of people flying for free. Delta does have a very easy way to redeem their frequent flyer SkyMiles on their web site, however, they seem to be so full that I almost always have to spend 50,000 miles or more to find a freebie domestic ticket. (Compared to 25,000 miles on many other airlines).

Pancakes or flapjacks? Our New York theater tour #2 is selling like hot cakes! –

We are excited to announce that there’s only 10 seats left on our second departure on our amazing, custom tailored, 5-day tour of New York City this fall. Both tours have sold like hotcakes, and no doubt why! It features some of the greatest Broadway shows and will also give you time to explore one of the world’s most exciting cities. The tour dates are November 16-20, 2016 and we have included four nights at the deluxe Westin Hotel at Times Square, three Broadway shows, a panoramic city tour with our own private guide, all transfers, air from/to Omaha, round trip motor coach transportation from Lincoln to Omaha airport, and a tour host who has visited New York more than 40 times, Morrie Enders! Don’t hesitate to reserve your spot now! CLICK HERE to see the detailed program. Call or email our Group Department at (402) 435-8888 or groupdepartment@executivetravel.com or register online by CLICKING HERE!

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