Marriott ad promotes the “Golden rule” yet they hide resort fees from their customers

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As you know, I have always complained that hotels that charge $25 to $75 a night for resort fees in addition to your regular hotel rate are, if not illegal, then most definitely not ethical. Recently I flew on a flight that every time I started to watch a new movie showed an advertisement (Click here to see ad) called the Marriott Golden Rule. In this video, it states the claim that “Treating others like we would want to be treated has always been our guiding principle.” After watching the video the thought came to me, “How could a company who charges millions of dollars in hidden fees that they surprise customers with at the front counter at the same time declare they follow the golden rule?” It would seem to this simple farm boy that these two actions are mutually exclusive. If you say you follow the golden rule you should not charge people a hidden fee.

Do you think it is ethical for Marriott to charge hidden resort fees while at the same time advertise they follow the “golden rule”?

If you live in one of 12 states one year from today, the Real ID Act goes into place meaning you may not be able to fly using your state drivers license as I.D. – 

In 2005 Congress passed the REAL ID Act which required states to issue approved driver’s licenses that meet the REAL ID security standards. 14 years later, 12 states still have not started issuing REAL ID approved driver’s licenses that can be used as I.D. to clear security at airports. States out of compliance include Alaska, California, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. People with passports can obviously use that in-lieu of drivers licenses. It is hard for me to understand how these 12 states could drag their feet for 14 years and still not issue REAL ID-compliant driver’s licenses. CLICK HERE to read more.

United’s top travelers will see their upgrade certificates replaced with new point system – 

Many United road warriors realize that earning miles for flying is having less and less value every year. They know the real advantage of being a member of United’s elite Mileage Plus status is earning free upgrades. United Airlines is changing the way the top elite travelers will earn international upgrades. This year people who fly 100,000 miles earn 2 regional upgrades and 6 systemwide upgrades. The new system starting  December 4 will be points-based and allow for more flexibility. This is one change that I think many frequent travelers will like and may be copied by Delta and American. CLICK HERE to read more.

Thomas Cook Travel closing leaves 600,000 people stranded –

Last week one of the largest and oldest travel companies in the world quickly shut down leaving an estimated 600,000 people stranded around the world. The great tragedy is that most of those travelers did not have travel insurance that protects them from issues just like this. Please don’t be penny wise and pound foolish when you travel. We recommend that you always protect the investment you are making to travel with the small cost of travel insurance. If a multi-billion dollar company like Thomas Cook that has been around for 178 years can leave you high and dry then you should always be sure you can sleep easy at night by protecting your dream vacation by spending a few hundred dollars extra for travel insurance.

Delta Air Lines is working to provide free Wi-Fi on all flights –

Let’s give three cheers to Delta for their continuing efforts to try to be the first major airline to offer free Wi-fi on their flights. This will definitely give them a competitive advantage with the other airlines. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we see this new feature in early 2020 or sooner.

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