Marriott and Hilton 48 hour new cancellation policy may backfire on them –

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The big news in the travel industry the past several weeks has been what will be the effect of Marriott’s and Hilton’s announcement that they are changing their cancellation policy from 24 hours to 48 hours. The reasons for this change is an obvious attempt to prevent travelers from making a hotel reservation and then cancelling a few days before arrival to take advantage of lower prices hotels offer with unsold inventory at the last minute. By moving the cancellation window farther out to 48 hours I think some vacation travelers will simply not make reservations in advance and wait until the last minute to book their hotels. In effect the hotel cancellation window moving further out to 48 hours will actually just accelerate the problem hotels are having not fix the issue. Executive Travel has built cool technology we call HotelZip that takes a hotel booking and rebooks it at a lower price when those last minute hotel deals pop up.

Airline frequent flyer programs are the biggest enemy to corporations trying to save money –

For over thirty years I have been amazed to see how much airline frequent flyer programs have caused business travelers to pay much more money on a flight so they can earn the miles and perks for personal gain. I call this using OPM (Other People’s Money). It is not unusual to see a business traveler spend $200 or more on flights of their preferred airline in order to earn their points and now, more importantly, elite status. When a flyer earns elite status on an airline they earn valuable perks like free upgrades to first class, waived luggage fees and many other bennies. The bottom line to corporations trying to manage the cost of their travel program is that these airline perks can cost your company an additional 15% to 20% in expenses per year. The dilemma companies face is how to provide the right balance of traveler comfort with the company’s bottom line. Call us at 402-435-8888 if your company needs help in this area.

Frontier Airlines announces massive expansion –

The ultra low cost carrier (ULCC) announced that when their major expansion is complete next year they will serve 82 cities that the airline said account for 90% of the U.S. population. They will also fly 314 nonstop routes. The biggest change is that they will be adding dozens of new flights through their Denver hub. This reverses what they did 4 years ago when they eliminated gobs of flights into and out of Denver. Maybe they should be called Yoyo Airlines?

Get Ready for a Battle Royal as United and Frontier battle for king of Denver –

If you are traveling to Denver in the next year you should soon be seeing some amazing low prices as Frontier Airlines (article above) is adding dozens of new flights into the city. To win over new customers Frontier will most assuredly offer rock bottom prices to try to bring new customers their way. United Airlines has always been King of Denver and they will compete by playing hardball with their pesky new little cousin by showing they can play the low fare game as well. The biggest winner will be the traveler going to Denver. Let’s enjoy it while it lasts.

July and August are the hardest months to find frequent flyer seats –

We work with dozens of companies to help them manage and maximize their airline frequent flyer miles. As you know the airlines continue to make it harder and harder to use their frequent flyer miles. We have noticed this is especially true when trying to use the miles for international business class seats. Using miles for business class seats is usually the best return on your investment. For as little as 125,000 miles you can receive an international business class seat with a value of $6,000 or more. Using your miles for business class international travel is very difficult during July and August. The bottom line is that when the planes are full the airlines don’t want to give away seats when they can sell them. CLICK HERE to see our cool new video that shows how your company can earn big dollars having Executive Travel manage frequent flyer miles earned using a company credit card.

Wow! Travel to the Caribbean is on sale and prices are as much as 60% off for travel this fall –

From now until December 15 you can take advantage of the lowest prices of the year for many resorts throughout the Caribbean. We are seeing many promotions that include, up to 60% off, kids stay free, $1,500 resort credits, and even free transfers. If you love the sun and fun of the Caribbean give one of our friendly travel advisors a call at 402-435-8888.



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