Marriott starts the annual process to devalue their Marriott Rewards points –

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SFGate recently reported that the travel blog “Frequent Miler” says big changes are coming in the annual hotel evaluations by Marriott Hotels that will result in it costing a lot more Marriott Rewards Points to redeem for free rooms. Basically, your Marriott Rewards points are worth a lot less starting March 6th than if you redeem them before March 6. “For every hotel that was downgraded to a less expensive category for point stays, more than four hotels have been moved up into a more expensive category. That’s a total of 247 hotels that are less expensive for point players, but whopping 1,082 that cost more,” according to Frequent Miler. The new point requirements for award stays take effect for bookings starting March 6. Here is Marriott’s FULL LIST of category changes for all affected hotels. The majority of the company’s properties – 74 percent of them – had no change in award category for 2018.

Chiropractors do a secret deal with Southwest Airlines to build more customers? –

I flew from Washington D.C. to Omaha Sunday night on Southwest Airlines trying to take advantage of a direct flight that saved me 3 hours of flight time. Boy was that a mistake! Southwest has added so many seats and squished their seats together so much that I literally experienced pain the whole trip sitting in the seat. I am a man of big girth (I prefer to say a man of stature) and am also very tall at 6’4”. My knees literally were driven into the seat in front of me for 3 hours to the point I could barely walk when getting off the plane. This is an embarrassment for a company to treat their passengers this way. This morning I searched the internet to see if I can find the press release where Southwest and the Chiropractors Association have entered a deal that helps the friendly chiropractor by providing referrals of all Southwest passengers. I could not find it, but I will keep looking.

As many as 10 million self-driving cars will be on the road in the next 3 years –

I know you think I have watched too many George Jetson cartoons when I tell you that self-driving cars are happening faster than a speeding bullet. This past week I presented a speech to a large group of travel professionals in Minneapolis that identified 7 disruptive technologies that will dramatically impact the travel industry. One of the most obvious is autonomous vehicles (self-driving cars and trucks). The amazing thing about the exponential growth of self-driving cars is that it will actually change the dynamic of car ownership as more and more people will not own cars but use driverless car services. CLICK HERE to read an amazing article on about self-driving cars.

Take a look at our newsletter for travelers called “Travel Week in Review” –

Each Tuesday at 10:30 am I send out over 65,000 weekly travel alert emails with my observations and editorials on hot issues in the travel industry to customers, friends, industry experts and the press. Many of our customers have asked us to supplement the Weekly Travel Alert with a traveler focus. Last year we launched “Travel Week in Review” which is a summary of industry news from the prior week. CLICK HERE to take a look at our new publication and let us know if you want to sign up to receive it every Friday.

Reminder! TSA is reducing the numbers of passengers who receive free TSA PreCheck screening –

This is a reminder of a previous notice that we continue to receive a lot of questions about. For years the TSA has provided many of the airlines’ best customers with free access to the TSA PreCheck expedited security lane at airports. Last year the government agency significantly reduced the number of freebies they hand out. The agency wants people to pay the $85 fee for the 5-year pass so they are cutting off offering free passes to this expedited service in hopes those people will pay the $85 fee. The TSA PreCheck is one of the best services for people who fly a lot. Not only do you get the express lane for security screening but you also don’t need to remove coats, belts, and laptops from your carryon. CLICK HERE for more info on TSA Precheck.

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