Proudly boasting to be “The on-time machine” Delta gets egg on its face from computer meltdown –

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Last week was a disaster for passengers flying on Delta Air Lines as early Monday morning the giant airline had a major computer meltdown causing thousands of flights to be cancelled or delayed. The problems accelerated when travelers learned that the airline was not willing or able to re-book stranded travelers on American Airlines because Delta recently dropped their interline agreement with the worlds largest airline. Interline agreements between airlines allow one airline to book their displaced passengers on another airline for a discounted price. Interline agreements are great for the displaced passenger who gets home faster and great for the alternate airline as they fill empty seats with revenue producing passengers. Unfortunately, it turns out months before the computer fiasco Delta told American that it was going to dramatically raise the price it charged American to accept interlined passengers. American basically said, “Go fly a kite” to Delta’s offer resulting in both airlines now refusing to accept each other’s passengers when flight disruptions occur. Delta is a very good airline with very good people. I just hope this mess last week will challenge Delta’s leadership to reconsider their decision to terminate their interline agreement with American and they re-commit to put their customers ahead of their balance sheet. This is one way to make sure the next time Delta has a computer hiccup it does not turn into pneumonia.

United Airlines now provides most flexibility for displaced travelers –

Last week’s Delta meltdown made me think, “What airline provides the most flexible options if your flights are delayed or canceled?” It turns out that United Airlines offers the best flexibility options of rebooking you on other airlines as they have Interline agreements with both Delta and American Airlines. People may be surprised to learn that you are just plain out of luck if you fly Southwest, Frontier, Spirit, and Allegiant airlines as they will not re-book you on another airline if your flight is cancelled or delayed. In other words if you fly Southwest Airlines and your flight is cancelled and other Southwest flights are full your bags may fly free but you won’t be flying at all.

Survey last week finds Americans rattled by international events say they will avoid travel to “Hot Spots” –

A new survey of travelers authored by Executive Travel last week asked, “What destinations would you avoid traveling to in the next 12 months because of negative events (including terrorism, Zika virus, political unrest, economy, etc.)? Of those surveyed over 90% said they would not travel to the Middle East (94%) or Turkey (90%). Africa (75%), South America (69%) and Asia (62%) also had high negative responses. France (50%), Belgium (50%) and Mexico (51%) rounded out the top 8 destinations that had 50% or greater travelers who indicated they would not travel to those destinations in the next 12 months. A big “thank you” to the 944 Weekly Travel Alert travelers who participated in the survey conducted the week of August 9, 2016. CLICK HERE to read the news release.

Get ready for the deals of the century for travel to Mexico –

Mexico is in big trouble as over half of the people in last week’s Executive Travel survey say they will avoid traveling to Mexico in the next 12 months. Millions of Americans travel to Mexico each year to enjoy the fun and sun. If you factor that over half of Americans now plan to avoid Mexico because of the Zika virus or other issues this will have a major economic impact on our neighbor to the south. The slowdown in travel to Mexico will precipitate that Mexican resorts will soon be offering powerful discounts to entice travelers to head south of the border. It’s time to get out your sombrero and head to Mexico this fall and winter. The deals will be steals.

Hawaii is the hottest destination this winter –

The Aloha state is about to see a wave of new business this fall as Americans are avoiding Mexico and the Caribbean. The Executive Travel survey last week points out that Hawaii is the big winner from all the unrest around the world. The Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau has to be licking their chops as all those Americans who would normally visit Mexico will now be funneled into the Aloha State. Call one of our friendly travel advisors (402-435-8888) today and let them find you the perfect white sand beach in Hawaii to lay on this winter.