Slow Wi-Fi Internet speed on airplanes about to get lightning fast

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A new second generation of faster Wi-Fi has just been announced by GoGo that will hopefully speed up the painfully slow Wi-Fi offered by airlines on international flights. GoGo has been testing the new service on two airplanes recently and announced last week that significant progress has been made in the new upgraded service. My last two international flights I used the Wi-Fi service and it was slow as molasses. Often it is so bad I have often felt I should have gotten a refund but came to realize that processing a refund claim would probably be more painful than it was worth. Let’s hope the new service can be rolled out fast.

Bad news boomerang. Last week Starwood rejected Marriott, this week they are in love again –

The giant merger of Marriott and Starwood (Westin, St. Regis, Sheraton) was rejected by Starwood last week so Marriott sweetened the pot and now everybody is back in love again. Believe me the merger of Marriott and Starwood is the worst thing ever for consumers as an oligopoly similar to what the airlines have done is now being formed in the hotel sector.

How to get the biggest bang for your buck using your frequent flyer miles –

I’m heading to Guangzhou, China next month and had a bunch of Star Alliance miles to burn so I decided to live like a king and try flying first class on All Nippon Airways (ANA). The miles required for an amazing round-trip first class lay-flat suite was 210,000. That is a lot of points, however, if you check on the web site you will find that a first class ticket costs $19,976. That means that I received a value of almost 9 cents a mile for my miles. I also compared using 150,000 miles for a business class ticket that costs $4,327 and found that my value was less than 3 cents per mile. If I used 75,000 miles to fly coach class the cost for that ticket was $1,073 and the value of using miles for coach class tickets was only about 1.5 cents per mile. The bottom line is that if you have a lot of frequent flyer miles you get the biggest bang for your buck by using them on international business or first class tickets. And if you have not seen the award winning first class seats on ANA CLICK HERE to take a peek.

Hilton and Marriott announce their lowest- rates won’t be available to Expedia and other online travel sites –

The war is just beginning. Hotel chains Hilton and Marriott want to flex their muscles and have announced they want to stop offering their lowest prices to online travel sites like Expedia, Priceline and Shots have been fired by both sides in what appears to be the first battle of hotel Armageddon. The hotels think they have the upper hand now that business is good and hotel rates are rising, but wait until the economy cools and these same hotels come running back crying for more business.

Cool new App allows you to skip the trip to the post office to renew your passport –

Finally there is an easier way to renew your passport than having to visit the post office. A new (iPhone/iPad only) App called ItsEasy Passport Renewal & Photo App allows a current US passport holder the ability to renew their passports from home. All you need is a credit card and envelope plus you pay a $29 fee and the App provides you with the government form to fill out as well as a shipping label with a tracking number. You can take your passport photos using your iPhone and send it all in together. Easy Peasy.

Mad dash for travel to Cuba –

On Sunday President Obama landed in Cuba. Now comes a title wave on new commercial flights to the island here-to-for forbidden land to most Americans. Late last week we also learned that both Starwood Hotels and Marriott had both received government approval to launch their brands in Cuba. Now we hear that a cruise line will start 7 day cruises to Cuba as early as May. Things are moving really fast and some experts think you will see a handful of Sheratons and Marriott’s opening up before the end of this year. If you are thinking of traveling to Cuba in the coming 12 months Executive Travel is planning our second tour to Cuba this winter. Drop us an email if you think you might want to check out Cuba with us.

Our New York Theater Tour sells out in record time – So we’ve added a second tour November, 16-20, 2016 –

This tour is so popular our first departure sold out in two weeks so we decided to add another tour so we don’t disappoint any of our friends. Our custom tailored tour to the Big Apple is a once-in-a-lifetime 5-day tour which features some of the greatest Broadway shows and also gives you time to explore one of the world’s greatest cities. We have included four overnights at the deluxe Westin Hotel at Times Square, three shows, a panoramic city sightseeing with our own private guide, all transfers, air from/to Omaha and a tour host who has visited New York more than 40 times! We travel from November 16-20, 2016. CLICK HERE to see the detailed tour program. Call or email our Group Department at (402) 435- 8888 or or REGISTER ONLINE BY CLICKING HERE!

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