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Most people when they travel are used to tipping when they eat at a restaurant but have no idea what to do for other tipping when they travel. Most professional service providers work for real low wages and depend on tipping as the primary source of income. Here are my recommendations for tipping when traveling:

Restaurant wait staff: 15% to 20% depending on service. Don’t forget about buffet staff as well. One of the best waitresses I have met is named Susan who works at Valentino’s buffet. It is sad when people don’t think they should tip buffet workers.

Hotel Bell Captain: $1-$2 per bag. This can get confusing as one person unloads from the cab. The next puts it on a luggage cart and then passes it on to another. I wait until I get to the room and pay the last person who presents me with my bags.

Airport or train porter: $1- $2 per bag

Cab and Uber drivers: 10%-15% of the fare. If they drive crazy or take me the long way around I do not tip at all.

Courtesy shuttle drivers: $1-$2 per bag

Hotel concierge: $10-$20 per request

Hotel doorman: $3 to $5 if they call a cab

Hotel maid (room steward): $2-$3 per night. Sadly, only about 20% of travelers tip the room steward and these people probably work the hardest of all the people on this list. Plus they really affect the quality of your stay.

Valet Parking: $3-$5

Tour guide: $3-$5 a day

Tour bus driver: $1 to $3 a day

Friendly Weekly Travel Alert writer: $5 a week!

Please let me know of other people you like to tip when traveling.

Are Uber prices about to go sky high? –

You all know that I love using Uber when traveling around the world. The ride sharing company has also been the darling of Wallstreet for years now. The only problem with the company is that it is hemorrhaging cash. Some estimate it might have lost more than $2 billion dollars each of the last three years. It is obvious that Uber is trying to buy marketshare in all the major cities. At some point people who are funding Uber will use their head instead of their heart and will run out of patience listening to the sucking sound of their money getting flushed down the toilet and force the ride sharing company to seriously increase their prices so that the business model is sustainable. Many people I have recently talked to have suggested that Uber is actually raising prices already by putting on surge pricing premiums even during the slow times. Interesting?

You can still travel to Cuba with Executive Travel –

Many people are confused about the recent Presidential announcement last Friday about limiting travel to Cuba. The main change is that individual travel to Cuba will be much more limited. Travel by qualified groups on a People to People mission will continue to be allowed into the country. Executive Travel is already planning a new Cuba tour in January of 2018. Cuba is still open for tourists. You just have to use the proper channels to visit.

Marriott is making it much harder for you to change your reservation at the last minute –

The giant hotel chain announced last week that they will immediately start charging you a one night stay penalty (room charge plus taxes and fees) if you cancel or no show your reservation within 48 hours of your planned arrival. They are doing this to prevent people from using last minute hotel deal web sites to get a lower price. Ironically, this is in reaction to them lowering their own rates at the last minute to try to fill empty rooms. Marriott has no one to blame for this mess than themselves, but they are going to make you pay the penalty for being a wise shopper.

Beer or Broadway? Join our extraordinary tours this fall! –

This is the final call for a fantastic tour to Germany! If you have ever dreamed about attending the authentic Oktoberfest in Munich, and if you appreciate great beer and European culture, then reserve your spot today on our incredible “Germany Brewery Tour & Oktoberfest” tour ​in September. And if the Big Apple and Broadway sound luring, then do not miss our back-by-demand ​tour taking off this November and hosted by Morrie Enders with Lincoln Community Playhouse; “New York, New York with Morrie!” Call our friendly group department today at 402-435-8888 for all the details. Do not hesitate; travel while you can!​

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