Survey finds 42% of travelers believe airline service has gotten worse in past 5 years

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Monday, February 22, 2016
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Survey finds 42% of travelers believe airline service has gotten worse in past 5 years

Only 17% believe airline service has Improved

A new survey of business travelers authored by Executive Travel recently asked, “How would you rate the current service levels provided by the airlines today compared with 5 years ago?”. Over 42% of the 853 travelers surveyed the week of February 15, 2016 reported that airline service was worse (37%) or much worse (5%) in the last 5 years. Only 17% surveyed said that airline service was better (16%) or much better (1%). 41 percent of those surveyed said airline service was about the same compared with 5 years ago.

Steve Glenn, CEO of Executive Travel commented, “ I was really surprised to see these negative numbers as I personally feel the airlines have seen a dramatic positive change in culture as well as service. This must frustrate the heck out of the airlines as they have spent billions updating their technology, improving on-time arrival, and the onboard experience. It appears the majority of travelers (83%) feel that airline service has not improved in the last 5 years.”

On the same survey, participants were asked “How would you rate the overall airport experience today (checking in, parking, security lines, food service, etc.) compared with 5 years ago?” 34% surveyed said the airport experience as worse (28%) or much worse (6%). Another 34% said that the airport service was the same and an almost identical 32% saying the airport experience was better (29%) or much better (3%).

Glenn Observed, “Travelers opinions are split down the middle on the question of if the airport experience is getting better. This survey also has me scratching my head as I see how the lines at check-in are much smaller with the implementation of kiosks, etc. Perhaps the one overriding frustration continues to be the long security-check lines. I personally feel the airports have seen a dramatic improvement in services, food service and retail opportunities. I actually have started to embrace a longer layover at some connecting hub airports to enjoy a nice meal.

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