Corporate Case Studies:

Case Study # 1

GDT is a Dallas based technology integration partner specializing in designing, building and delivering “best of breed” technology solutions for service providers, enterprise networks, data centers and more for large enterprises and business of all sizes.

During the transition and implementation process, Executive Travel determined GDT had an average ticket price that benchmarked well with companies of like size and industry; however, there were several instances where airfares were three times more costly than they needed to be.  Executive Travel recommended GDT enroll in the American Airlines Business ExtrAA program and Executive Travel would manage the program for them.  Executive Travel created an automated process to ensure participation in the Business ExtrAA program on all applicable trips, generating credits to off-set the cost of high-value tickets.

Through Executive Travel’s proprietary Airline Points Program Management System, we were able to reduce GDT’s cost for airfare on these trips by an average of 75%.

Case Study # 2

ACI Worldwide is a provider of electronic banking and payment solutions, supporting more than 1,000 of the largest financial institutions and enabling 300 leading global retailers to execute $14 trillion in payments each day. When ACI was looking for a travel management company to assist with their initial effort in global consolidation they turned to Executive Travel.

ACI’s goal was to consolidate their travel in 24 countries around the world with a single TMC.  Once they identified the right TMC partners, ACI wanted to create a global travel policy to support other key initiatives such as selection and roll-out of a global credit and hotel program.  ACI was also looking to implement global control and management of their traveler profiles as well as establish an online booking tool in select countries. Executive Travel was able to meet all of their complex needs while maintaining the simplified approach to travel management we are known for.

Case Study # 3

Our survey results are consistently in the high 90’s, however, we identified 2 comments travelers and travel arrangers were making:  “I want to be able to contact my preferred travel counselor directly”, and “I’m busy and don’t like to wait, even if the wait time is brief”

Based on this feedback Executive Travel introduced 2 service enhancements.  While most travel companies don’t allow direct dialing to preferred travel counselors, Executive Travel leaves this decision to the traveler/travel arranger.  Our clients can call the dedicated line to speak to the first available travel counselor or dial their preferred travel counselor directly.  We also implemented “Hold my place in line”.  If a traveler or travel arranger calls and isn’t immediately connected to a travel counselor, they can select the option to hold their place in line.  With this option they can take care of other business and a travel counselor will call them back when their place in line comes up.

Vacation Testimonials:

“The staff at Executive Travel were top notch!  We had a dream vacation and experienced things in Hawaii we’d never thought we would get to see.  The trip was truly amazing!” — Brandon & Traci Bergt

“We thought that it would be extremely difficult to book our honeymoon, but it turns out it is not as scary as we thought. Jesse was awesome.” — Brian & Stephanie Bellows

“Jesse did a great job providing us with options, explaining needed next steps and following up with Eric and I prior to our trip and when we got home. Jesse had been to our specific resort and hearing his first-hand insight was really helpful.” — Jenna and Eric Thomsen

“Found Rachelle very helpful and knowledgeable. I have already recommended Executive Travel to my co-workers for personal travel plans.” — Jim Barry

“Our experience was top rate. We had one little snafu (caused by me). Rachelle was right on it and lost documents emailed to our hotel. Thanks so much!” — Jennie and Jim Latta

“Jesse helped us out a lot when glitches happened! I have already recommended Executive Travel to several friends and colleagues.” — Diane Ryder