The Coronavirus will probably affect your financial health more than your physical health –

The Coronavirus will probably affect your financial health more than your physical health –

The Coronavirus has basically shut down a large part of the Chinese economy in the last week. Factories all over China are closed, people are not traveling to or within China, and some people in China are just locking their doors and staying home in hopes to not catch the virus. The stock markets around the world have allowed the fear of contagion to take over and have experienced major stock market drops as people worry how fast and deep the virus will spread. In other words, your 401K investment plan will probably take a bigger hit than your physical health from the Coronavirus.

Let’s slow down a little with all the hype about Coronavirus 

The Coronavirus, centered in China, has had a major impact in the last month on travel to/from China and many countries in Asia. As you are probably aware there are now over 17,491 reported cases and 362 deaths as of Monday.  One of the best ways to keep track of where the virus has spread is a new app created by John Hopkins Medical. CLICK HERE to view the application.

The good news is that many proactive things are happening –

The good news is that it appears governments around the world are working aggressively to contain the virus in China. Most flights from around the world to China are now canceled and people that have visited the region of China and traveled back home are being quarantined around the world. This aggressive and proactive approach hopefully will quickly slow the growth of the virus with the hope that the number of cases will soon reach the top and start falling in the coming weeks.

Here are five key questions/facts about the Coronavirus that should keep you in the know:

#1- Influenza (flu) is much more dangerous than Coronavirus –

Currently, the flu season worldwide is a much bigger risk than Coronavirus. The  CDC estimates that influenza was associated with more than 490,600 hospitalizations and 34,200 deaths last year or about 3000 deaths a month during the 2018–2019 influenza season and this year appears even higher. Compare this to the 362 deaths last month from Coronavirus and it puts things in perspective. The Washington Post had a recent article titled, “Get a Grippe, America, The flu is a much bigger threat than Coronavirus, for now”. CLICK HEREto read the article.

#2- Should you travel to China in the next 90 days? –

No, We will find out in February how fast and how wide the virus is growing. Most of the airlines have stopped flying to China anyway so even if you wanted to fly there it would be difficult if not impossible.

#3- What is Coronavirus and how can I protect myself? 

John Hopkins Medicine has a very good Q and A on almost everything about the Coronavirus. To learn more information about the Coronavirus CLICK HERE.

#4- Should I travel to other countries in Asia such as Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, etc. 

The best place to answer that question is to check the color-coded map provided by the U.S. Department of State. CLICK HERE to find more information.

#5- What if I have a reservation to travel internationally? Can I change, cancel, or reschedule my reservation? –

Many of the airlines have already offered refunds for tickets to China and are considering options for travel to other countries as the virus spreads. This is one reason you should always use a travel agent as they can help you with all these changes. If you purchased travel insurance with a “cancel for any reason” clause this will also allow you an option to change or alter your travel plans. Insurance policies often do not provide coverage until the U.S. Department of State issues a “Do not travel” for an area where you are traveling. However, sometimes a travel agent can work with your travel supplier to see if they can change your travel date to another time in the future.

You need to be vigilant but not paralyzed –

The bottom line is that there are a lot of people trying to scare you with this new virus outbreak. It is indeed serious but put in perspective is probably not yet going to affect many people outside of those traveling to China.

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