The good, Bad and Ugly about traveling to Israel and Jordan

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Hello from Israel –

This week I am writing to you from Israel. I am halfway through with an amazing tour of Jordan and Israel. To many people, Israel is on their travel bucket list. This is my third time here and I have been amazed how much things have changed.

Here are ten things that are the good, bad and ugly about Jordan and Israel.

  1. Good – The food. You never go away hungry when visiting Israel. At one dinner I counted 32 plates of food on a table for 10 people. I am not normally a big fan of hummus however, the hummus here is amazing. The lamb kabobs are great when not too overcooked.
  2. Good – Safety and security. Many people watch CNN and think travel to Israel is not safe. I feel safer here than in many cities in the U.S.
  3. Good – Roads. Israel has a lot fewer roads than the U.S. The roads are very smooth and easy to travel. I wish roads in my town of Lincoln were as good as these.
  4. Good – New buildings everywhere. Israel is booming. This is Silicon Valley II. Hi-tech and start-up companies are everywhere. People by the thousands moving here every month.
  5. Good – Beaches. Some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean are found on the west side of Israel. And during the winter months, the beaches in south Israel at Eilat offer a younger vibe. And don’t forget the water and spas of the Dead Sea. This is the ultimate in relaxation.
  6. Good – Spiritual renewal. Nowhere on earth can Christians, Jews and Muslims travel to that you can count to leave with a deeper love and appreciation of your faith. You will no doubt be a different person on leaving Israel.
  7. Bad – Overtourism. This area is a magnet for people from all over the world. In the last three years, the number of tourists to Israel has increased by 38%. Expect to see hundreds and even thousands of people at almost every major tourist site. If planning to go you may want to go during low season to avoid the crowds. Surprisingly China is now the largest group of tourists.
  8. Bad – Border crossing. It is painfully slow when crossing the border between Jordan and Israel. My passport was checked no less than 5 times when entering the country.
  9. Ugly – The poverty in Jordan is everywhere. The limited landscape makes the poverty very in your face. The difference between Jordan and Israel is the same as night and day. Israel is bright and modern. Jordan seems 50 years behind.
  10. Ugly – Trash, trash, trash in Jordan. If it was not for Petra and Mt. Nebo few people would ever want to visit Jordan. Jordan has plastic bottles and bags everywhere. It almost seems they have no pride in keeping even their tourist sites clean and free of trash.

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