There are certain “rules of travel” that you never break –

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With over 30 years of travel under my belt, I have identified a list of rules of travel that you should never break. One of those rules is “Never fly the same day your cruise departs”.  I have followed this rule for decades but last Wednesday I decided I would take an early flight to St. Martin that would arrive at 4 pm for a 10 pm sailing. Sure enough, my flight was delayed by 5 hours in Miami and ultimately canceled so I had to spend the night in Miami and try to find a flight to catch up with the ship in St. Kitts. I broke my own rule and had to pay the price. When the airline said the flight was canceled I had a flashback to the movie Top Gun where Tom Cruise keeps chanting “Never leave your wingman,”. It made me chant “Never fly the same day of your cruise”. Please don’t ever break this rule.

Nonstop flights may now be cheaper than connecting flights –

For years the airlines charged a premium of up to $100 or more to fly on nonstop flights compared to flying on a flight through a connecting airport.  Recently I have compared prices and seen that in some cases it may be cheaper to take a nonstop flight compared to a connecting flight. It was also easier to find frequent flyer flights on direct flights than connecting flights. That is a giant change in industry pricing.  Turns out the airlines have put smaller planes in many secondary markets with nonstop flights. They are trying to fill those planes first and use the connecting flight more for spill over. That’s good news for everyone.

Las Vegas is now one of the most expensive cities to visit –

Years ago I remember how you could fly to Sin City for $198 which included your air and hotel. This week I was planning to travel there and the airline ticket was over $600 and the hotels were $200 a night or more. That weekend getaway has jumped from $200 to $800 or more. You better get lucky and hit the jackpot when in Vegas to pay for the much higher prices.

Deja Vu – Europe to start requiring visas in less than two years –

Two decades ago they sold us that the new European Union would remove barriers of travel with the elimination of visas, etc. Now we are coming full circle and some countries in the EU will start requiring visas to visit there beginning in 2021. They say it is an added security measure. That argument doesn’t pass the muster with me. I see this as simply a way to tax visitors billions of dollars. Click here to read more.

Star Clippers is an out-of-the-ordinary cruise experience for those wanting to avoid cruising with 5000 of their closest friends –

This past weekend I took a short cruise on the Star Flyer from St. Martin. The Star Flyer is a true sailing ship with only about 75 cabins and a crew of about 70. This is a great way to vacation without the mob. I took a few pictures of this beautiful ship that you can peek at byclicking here. If you travel solo and don’t like to pay that single supplement Star Clippers also offers several sailings you don’t have to pay that extra fee.

The Hurricane of 2017 put many Caribbean islands back 5 years –

I was saddened to see how much devastation is still evident on St. Martin. It will take another 3 years for the French side to heal 100%. The Dutch side appears to be coming back much faster. Two islands that missed the major hurricane blast were St. Kitts and St. Bart’s. St Kitts has 3 cruise ships visiting a day so they have mid-day crowds. St. Bart’s only has small sailing vessels and yachts In the harbor. Nice! If your heading to the Caribbean let our friendly travel advisors (402-435-8888) find the perfect island to fit your desires.

This is tour should be at the top of your bucket list –

This fall Executive Travel has put together an amazing tour of the Holy Land that will be hosted by Pastor Tom Barber of the People’s City Mission. I have been around the world many times and people always ask me what place is my favorite. THIS IS IT! This tour features both Israel and Jordan. You get to see and feel and walk the places of the Old Testament and the New Testament. Visit where Moses overlooked the promised land, Jesus as he grew up in Nazareth as well as his birthplace in Bethlehem, where he was baptized in the Jordan River and his glorious entry into the City of Jerusalem. If you have one tour you want to do this year make sure this is the one. Call or email Beth at 402-858-0033 or GroupDepartment@executivetravel.comClick here to view the tour brochure.

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