Tired of shrinking airline seats? A new law allows the government to set minimum seat sizes –

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Congress just days ago passed a new 5-year bill that reauthorizes the funding for the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). Included in that new legislation is language that requires the FAA to set minimum standards for seat width and pitch. Can you say “Yippie”? Airlines have gone crazy the last few years in shrinking seat sizes. Customers have complained and Congress finally listened. Now if the bureaucrats setting the new minimum seat width can withstand the wave of airline lobbyists who will try to persuade them to allow for the current system to stay in place maybe we will not all feel like we are being pried into a sardine can on our next flight. The airlines did win big when the final legislation did not take away their ability to have unlimited ability to control and increase prices on almost all fees (including change fees, luggage fees, etc.) CLICK HERE for a short article on all the changes in the bill.


Why wait on hold for 90 minutes calling an airline when you can talk to us in 4 seconds? –

Recently I talked with a corporate prospect who told me they were frustrated when they recently had to wait 90 minutes on the phone to talk to their travel company. They then decided to call the airline directly and push what seemed like 100 buttons to try to talk to an agent. They got the recording that they could leave their number and they would call them back sometime within 2 hours. Now I really like having the call back feature rather than waiting on line but can you imagine it still taking two hours to talk to a live person at an airline? After hearing this story I asked myself “I wonder how fast I could get through to an agent at Executive Travel?” I picked up the phone and called our corporate phone number and was so pleased when on the first ring I heard the friendly voice of Julie ask how she could help me. Our team has made a commitment to be the “Fastest and easiest travel management company to do business with”. Every week we measure how fast we pick up the phone. We average between 14 and 17 seconds every week. We also make sure that you do not have to press any buttons to talk to a live agent. One more reason to use your friendly folks at Executive Travel.


American Airlines removes options for non-elite members if flights delayed or canceled –

AA recently announced they are removing the option to be re-accommodated on other airlines if a flight is delayed or canceled. In the past, if a flight was canceled or delayed the airline would first re-accommodate travelers with an AA flight. If no AA flight was available they would generally allow you to take another airline. The new rules will allow the re-accommodation on other airlines but only for their top travelers. Even Gold and Platinum Elite members will not be re-accommodated unless the flight is delayed by 5 hours or more. This is going to go over like a lead balloon. CLICK HERE to read more.


Steve’s travel tip #97 – Here is how to get your frequent flyer miles put back into your account when an airline says no –

Several months ago I was supposed to be flying from China to Cartegena for a business meeting. I used my AeroPlan (Air Canada flying on Star Alliance airlines) miles to book a ticket using 135,000 miles. Before my flight, I decided I was tired of traveling and called the airline to see what I could do to cancel the trip and put those miles back into my account. They said that I could not put my miles back into my account because my trip was under 22 days prior to departure. However, they would allow me to change the date of my trip to sometime in the future. So here is what I did to save those 135,000 miles. I first changed my flight from departing on October 16 to departing six months later. This cost me a $90 change fee. I then called back a month later and said I would like to refund those 135,000 miles back into my account as the new flight is more than 22 days in advance. This cost me another $90 fee. The bottom line is I spent $180 in change fees but was able to save 135,000 miles for future travel. That is a pretty good return on investment.


All the world is on sale –

There are some amazing deals for travel this fall and winter to almost every destination around the world. If you are thinking of traveling in the next 6 months give our friendly travel advisors a call (402-435-8888).


Join our fun tour to London and the stunning Cotswolds this May! – “Christie, Cottages, and Comedy” –

This is just a few of the essences we bring you on this charming tour of London and the Cotswolds, May 20-28, 2019. Join Morrie Enders, Lincoln Community Playhouse, and us, as we take off for a tour of the best that London and the honey-colored picturesque countryside of the Cotswolds have to offer. Walk in the footsteps of the greatest English playwright, follow Sherlock and Christie, enjoy a pint at the local pubs, and be carried away by the two included West End shows! You will also experience the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Windsor Castle, Bath, Blenheim Palace and Oxford! 10 seats left – call us today at 402-435-8888 to secure your spot! CLICK HERE to see the detailed tour brochure!

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