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Rachelle Sherman, Vacation Travel Advisor, CTA

Rachelle has earned her Associates Degree from Southeast Community College. She joined Executive Travel’s team in 2010 bringing with her the desire and belief in creating memorable vacation experiences that enhance a family’s unity or strengthens a couple’s relationship. Rachelle has traveled to several destinations across the United States as well as Germany, Spain, Jamaica and several locations in Mexico. In 2013, Rachelle completed her CTA to become a certified travel advisor and became a destination specialist for Hawaii, Spain, and European river cruises. Rachelle loves the challenge of making travel dreams come true and specializing in customized itineraries meeting each person’s desire, with a focus on outstanding customer service.

In 2016, 2017, & 2018 Rachelle was awarded the President’s Club Award. This award is only given out to the top advisors in both sales and service categories.

Phone: 402.858.0030


Gretchen MillerGretchen Miller, Vacation Travel Advisor, CTA

Gretchen came to Executive Travel in 2015.  Before joining the team, she worked as a flight attendant for six years, visiting several countries around the world.  Since joining Executive Travel, she has continued to travel to new destinations, most recently to South Africa in May 2018, and French Polynesia in December 2019.  She has earned her Certified Travel Advisor designation from the Travel Institute of America and continues to learn about destinations around the world.  She has completed specialist programs for Hawaii, Tahiti, and several Caribbean islands.  She loves to create custom travel experiences for clients.

Phone: 402.817.3663


Thi Tran, Vacation Travel Advisor

Thi has always had a passion for travel.  During college Thi was offered the chance to take part in a 3-month internship overseas. Thi jumped at the opportunity.  It was while living in Germany that she developed a deepened appreciation of the culture and people she lived among.  Through this experience, Thi felt like God was leading her into learning more about different cultures and people around the world.

Thi has also visited London, Paris, and several of the Caribbean islands including the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Haiti.  Most recently, she traveled to Greece and explored some of the world’s most fascinating ruins.  She truly believes that travel is the best education.  She has been a member of the travel industry since 2015 and is a destination specialist for Jamaica, Hawaii, and in the process of getting her Greece specialist certification. She has also earned the Certified Travel Advisor designation in 2018.  She feels rewarded each day by helping adventure seekers and leisure lovers alike reach their unique travel goals.  Thi especially enjoys creating custom itineraries and assisting each client in fulfilling their destination dreams.

Phone: 402.417.7571


Brittany Forney, Vacation Travel Advisor

Brittany joined Executive Travel in 2016 but has been booking once-in-a-lifetime vacations since 2013. Brittany loves the variety of destinations she gets the privilege of booking for clients as well as their excitement of adding extraordinary experiences and memories through travel.

Brittany is in the process of earning her Certified Travel Advisor designation and continues ongoing training and research to better serve her client’s needs. She specializes in building bucket list itineraries with unforgettable experiences at the core of every trip. Whether you are looking for a cultural, wellness, active, or relaxing experience, Brittany has the experience and creativity to build an astonishing trip for you and your loved ones.

Phone: 402.417.7576


Emily Grimes, Vacation Travel Advisor

Emily joined Executive Travel in 2019 fueled by her passion for sharing the luxuries of authentic travel–culture, adventure, and relaxation–with others.

Her first ‘bucket list’ destination, Egypt, evolved out of her 6th-grade history class. She realized her dream of visiting Egypt in 2010 in tandem with Greece. Whether by air, car, rail, or ship, she has also experienced: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, England, France, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Spain, and Uruguay. Not to be discounted, Emily has explored a multitude of U.S. destinations! She is a destination specialist for Disney and Hawaii. Next on her itinerary is Jamaica! Most important to Emily is collaborating with clients to create unique and memorable experiences–simplifying and maximizing travel!

Emily’s travel specialties include European river cruises, Jamaica, South America, and Western Europe.

Phone: 402.458.9851