Want to beat inflation? Travel to Europe!

Want to beat inflation? Travel to Europe!

The strong U.S. Dollar is making travel to Europe the bargain of the decade. Over the last two years, the dollar has risen by over 20% against the Euro, so that you can find amazing value when traveling to Europe right now. To put things in perspective the current value of the dollar (.97 EURO = $1 USD) is like renting a hotel for four nights and getting the fifth night free compared to travel two years ago. We have not seen prices this low in over twenty years. CLICK HERE to read more.

Electric air taxis may sound a little like George Jetson, but they soon may become reality – If you follow the money that is flowing into the investment of electric air taxis, you will start to understand that a lot of people are betting the farm that they will be a viable way to transit in big cities. Even the major airlines are investing in electric air taxis. My guess is that you will see these become reality before the end of the decade or even before. That will be a cool way to get across town if they can keep the price down. It appears that many of them are four-seaters. CLICK HERE to read more.

Here is a funny video on how to keep someone from sitting beside you on a Southwest Airlines flight – Flying coach is not a bad experience if you can keep an empty seat beside you. This video shows how being extra friendly can actually keep people moving on to the next seat and leaving you with extra room. CLICK HERE to watch.

Hotel rates have gone bonkers in the last two years – The average daily rate (ADR) of hotels in the U.S. has risen by over 40% in the last two years, rising from a rate of $100 a night to this year’s projections of  $143 a night. In 2023 we should see additional increases of 3% or more. The looming recession may moderate prices as demand is expected to drop in 2023. CLICK HERE to read more.

Hawaii – Join our Escorted Tours this Winter – A trip to Hawaii in January and February makes sense. It is a place that fills your senses to the brim in every way. Check out our two escorted 10-day winter getaways, January 24 – February 2 (couples and singles) and February 21 – March 2 (a women-only tour). Oahu, Big Island, Maui. Waterfalls, rainforests, bright-colored flowers, sandy beaches, whales, and so much more. To see the detailed itineraries, click on the dates above; do not hesitate to call or email our friendly group department at (402) 435 8888 / GroupDepartment@executivetravel.com. Space is limited.

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