Warning! Airline flight delays and cancellations are accelerating

Warning! Airline flight delays and cancellations are accelerating

All the airlines are struggling to meet their current schedules. We are seeing a massive number of flight delays, schedule changes, and flight cancellations. Our team is flying to Ohio today every flight is delayed by at least 90 minutes causing a domino effect on their connecting flights. It appears that things may even get worse as we head into the high travel season this summer. Please consider these four steps to minimize the pain of the airline meltdown.

Advice #1 – If you have a can’t miss meeting be sure to fly to your destination the day before your meeting.

Advice #2 – Pay extra and take a non-stop flight. This allows there to be less of a chance to have a missed connection in the hub city. 

Advice #3 – Use one of the BIG 3 airlines (United, Delta, American) as they have reciprocating agreements to help a displaced traveler get to their destination if one airline cancels their flight.

Advice #4 – Use a Travel Advisor to find you alternative flights, process refunds, and get you on your way. Why fight the battle alone? 

Most people don’t think about getting COVID while traveling abroad – You’re ready for your dream vacation to Europe. You have taken all your COVID shots and take off into the friendly skies for your picture-perfect 10-day vacation to Europe. SURPRISE! The day before you fly back home you take the COVID test required by the USA for entry back into the country and you test POSITIVE. Some travelers are being stranded overseas as they test positive and can’t travel back home. Your safest way to deal with this is to purchase travel insurance that covers the extra hotel nights if you have to wait and get home. One interesting idea that I heard recently is if you are stuck in Europe with a positive test and want to get back home is to fly back to Canada (which requires a vaccination card but not a negative test) and then take a cab across the border to the U.S. (border crossings don’t require a test) and then fly home on a domestic flight. One more reason you need a travel advisor to coach you along the way. CLICK HERE to read more from the WSJ.

The worst airport in the country, New York’s LaGuardia Airport, is about to become one of the best – For the last 3 years, NY LaGuardia Airport has been an embarrassment to the city. Despite the run-down structure many travelers loved to fly into LaGuardia as it was the closest to the city and about half the taxi cost of flying from Newark or JFK. This week Delta announced they are opening their new Terminal C as part of a $4 billion upgrade to the airport. This will start the process of going to worst to best airport in the Big Apple. CLICK HERE to read more.

Airfares are shockingly high this summer – I continue to be shocked at the airfares I see for domestic travel this summer. It is not uncommon to see prices double from the trip you took this spring. $300 airfares are now $600, $800, or even $1,000 even if you book 2 months in advance. The bottom line is that airplanes are full and the airlines need to make hay while the sun shines. Let’s say you want to fly in July with the family from Lincoln to Orlando to visit Disneyworld. A family of 4 will spend $800 a person or $3200 for airfare. My guess is that some families will simply drive 2902 (1451 x 2) miles in their car and even with gas at $5 a gallon will cost $726.  It takes two days to drive to Orlando and two days to drive back so you will need to add 4 hotel rooms @ $600 (4 X $150) and four days of food along the way and back of $500 and you have a total cost of driving to Orlando of $1826. The difference in cost of flying vs. driving to Orlando is $1374. It is even higher if you add the cost of a rental car when you arrive in Orlando. My rough estimate is you will spend about half the cost if you drive your family of four for a vacation this summer versus flying. Keep in mind you also will add four more days to your vacation if traveling by car.

Instead of driving your car on a long vacation, you should consider renting a car from National Car Rental – The four advantages to using a rental car on a long vacation is #1 – You save all that wear and tear on your own car. #2 – Rental cars tend to have fewer miles lessening the odds of a breakdown on the way. If you do break down they will provide you with a replacement car to get you on your way. #3 – You actually save money as you do not have to rent a car at your destination. Many hot tourist destinations are running short of cars. This guarantees you have a car. #4 – If you sign up for National’s Emerald Club through Executive Travel you can receive an upgrade from a midsized car to a full-size car vehicle for no additional cost.

Final Call – the Never Forget Tour – July 13-24! – The most meaningful trip I ever took was back in 2019 with the Nebraska National Guard Historical Society to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II. I call it the “Never Forget”-Tour for a good reason. We have a few spots left on our repeated journey, July 13-24. Join us on the most emotional tour through France, Belgium, and Luxembourg. This tour includes scholars and academics on military history. We will pay homage to the fallen at the American cemeteries with official party wreath-laying and tours. It is led by our good friend, a retired colonel, Jerry Meyer. Along the way, we will take advantage of wonderful French cuisine, wine, and arts. The tour ends in Paris, where you have the opportunity to extend your stay. CLICK HERE to learn all the details. Call or email our friendly group department today at (402) 435-8888 / GroupDepartment@executivetravel.com. We close for reservations very soon; do not hesitate; the tour is limited to 25 travelers.

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