Warning! Buying the cheapest fares today may bring you a headache –

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The big three U.S. Airlines, American, Delta and United have all recently started offering their lowest priced airfares as “Basic Economy” fares. Prices for these fares are often $30 or more lower than the next lowest priced tickets. The problem with these fares is they are so restricted that you have to throw away the ticket if any changes are needed. Business travelers say they hate these fares as you can’t get advanced seat assignments, can’t have carry-on luggage (Only personal items), can’t change tickets, and can’t upgrade. I call these “Basic Economy” airfares the “Travel agent employment act” as the airlines are foolishly making travel so complicated that everyone needs the professional advice and coaching that a good travel advisor can provide. CLICK HERE to see a good chart showing all the things that cost extra and what you can’t do if you purchase a “Basic Economy” airfare.

Here is easy way to understand what the four Trusted Traveler programs do –

There are 4 special programs offered by the Dept. of Homeland Security to help travelers speed through the lines when they go through the security checkpoint at airports or when re-entering the country. The TSA PreCheck program is the most used program to help travelers have expedited screening at airports. The Global Entry pass allows for expedited processing upon arrival in the U.S. when traveling abroad. CLICK HERE to see an easy chart that compares all the programs and their costs. P.S. If you travel internationally the Global Entry pass is a must. The Global Entry pass also includes all the benefits of TSA PreCheck for only $15 more for the 5 year membership.

Luggage is going hi-tech –

Last week the travel goods show in Las Vegas unveiled some new hi-tech luggage that many feel will be must haves for travelers. Travelpro is debuting a soft sided carry-on duffel bag that includes an external USB port. British-brand luggage maker Antler’s new luggage will have a battery pack inside the luggage to charge devices by USB port. My favorite is Delsey, the French brand luggage maker who has branded their new luggage “Pluggage” as you will be able to plug into your luggage for charging, etc. Canadian based Heys has a cool bag that weighs itself and also has a mobile app that tells you its location. CLICK HERE for a great article with all the cool new stuff.

Is there a fight brewing in Chicago between American and United? –

Recently United Airlines announced they were adding 47 new daily flights beginning in June in an effort to win back market share. Many of these new flights are being added to their Chicago hub. Two weeks after United made their announcement to expand in Chicago American said they would add 7 new routes with dozens of additional flights from the windy city in July. Both United and American have Chicago, O’Hare as a major hub and it appears neither wants to cede any market share to the other guy. Most of the new flights are to secondary cities where there is less competition and much more ability to control prices.

Business travelers give thumbs up to Uber and thumbs down to Airbnb –

The war to win over the business traveler is being won by Uber and lost by Airbnb according to a recent article in BTN Magazine. Business travelers are often taking short trips and put convenience at a premium. They want someone available at the front desk for 24/7 service, clean sheets and towels daily, a coffee maker, cable TV and wi-fi, a business center, bar and probably a fitness center. All of these things Airbnb strikes out on. Uber on the other hand is simple and convenient. Simply summon a car on the Uber app and minutes later the driver pulls up to your location. No hassle with the bill as it is automatically charged to your credit card on file. CLICK HERE to read more.

Enjoy our unique, tailor-made smaller group tours –

Traveling on a group tour with us means that you get to travel with a smaller group of people; we rarely depart with more than 20-24 participants. One of the huge benefits of a smaller number of travelers is that you get to experience the destination in depth. We visit places where larger groups and motor coaches do not fit; we meet with the locals! The camaraderie with your fellow travelers and incomparable relationship with your local tour guide, is what makes our tours so unique. CLICK HERE to see all our amazing tour itineraries. We offer something for any taste, any budget, any time! Call our friendly group department at 402-458-9842 or email groupdepartment@executivetravel.com to receive our detailed tour brochures or book an appointment to learn more about your favorite destination.

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