Warning! CDC warns that Zika is still a major health threat to pregnant women –

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A week ago I had the good fortune of attending and speaking at the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) Premium Business Summit in New York City. At that conference, one of the speakers was from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). She spoke forcefully that the Zika virus is still extremely dangerous and that pregnant women should not travel to any of the 100 countries worldwide that are affected by the Zika virus. She also pointed out that Zika can be transmitted sexually and can be transmitted up to 8 months after a partner (male or female) is infected during travel. This is serious stuff folks. The CDC has a great website with a map of all the countries infected with Zika, CLICK HERE to view. They also have a website they call the Yellow Book, CLICK HERE to view. This site provides valuable information about health risks in destination around the world. I recommend you bookmark both sites if you travel internationally.

Over 50% of Mexico is now too dangerous to travel to –

Late last week the U.S. State Department quietly issued updated warnings about travel to the popular vacation destination of Playa del Carmen, located south of Cancun. When I was doing more research I found the Mexico warning page on the State Department web site that listed five Mexican states that include the resort cities of Acapulco and Mazatlan that are rated dangerous and that Americans should not travel too. CLICK HERE to see detailed warnings about travel to Mexico and a map of the areas that you should avoid or observe supreme caution if traveling there.

Owning airlines stocks used to be the best way to flush your money down the drain, now some argue things are changing –

For decades I have been warning about how bad of an investment airline stocks have been historically. Even Warren Buffett, the Oracle of Omaha, once argued that someone should have done investors a favor by shooting down Orville Wright on that first flight at Kitty Hawk. At the recent ASTA Premium Business Summit in NYC, one financial presenter said that it now appears there may have been a paradigm shift in the airline industry in the last 3 years. He argued the Airlines have dramatically changed their business model by charging billions for ancillary fees (think baggage fees and seat assignments). He argued this may result in the airlines, for the first time in a long time, having a positive return on capital invested. I’m still not convinced I want to invest in the yo-yo history of airline stocks but it is nice to see that airlines now have enough capital to invest in new airplanes and technology to make travel a little easier.

Three Perfect Days – Here is a great city guide that is online and free –

For years United Airlines has published an article in their monthly in-flight magazine call Hemispheres. The article is called “Three Perfect Days” and highlights major cities around the world and provides a wonderful guide for people to use when visiting the city. If you are looking for a good 3-day city guide you will want to CLICK HERE. You can also download the “Three perfect Days” app from the Apple store for your smartphone.

On a personal note – A tribute to Charley Thone –

Last week Charles (Charley) Thone passed away. Charley was a great mentor to me and my family. We lived only one block away from his house on Woodsdale Boulevard when my wife and I started Executive Travel 32 years ago. His office was just 3 floors above our first office location and he would almost daily take the time to pop his head into our office and make sure everyone was O.K. as he headed home after work. He occasionally would even buy flowers for the ladies in our office at the flower shop next door to brighten our day. Charley (next to my wife, family and mom) was always my biggest cheerleader, trying to help promote our company any way he could. He would introduce me to Rotary, help recommend me to customers and share with me his mountains of wisdom to make sure my steps were straight. If you met Charley on the street you would never know he served as both a U.S. Congressman and the 34th Governor of our state. I always called him Governor, he always replied, I’m just Charley. Charley Thone lived to the glorious age of 94. He was a wonderful man. I wish there were more Charley Thrones in this world. I will miss him greatly.

Attend our FREE Travel Night featuring France and Germany this Thursday! –

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