Warning! – Change the passwords on all your travel and important apps

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As you have probably heard by now Marriott Hotels recently announced they had a massive breach of security that affected 500 million accounts. The bottom line is the bad guys probably have all your passwords, credit cards and personal information stored in your Marriott website profile.  If you are like me and sometimes use the same password on multiple sites the bad guys understand this and can easily try your password on multiple travel and other sites.  Because your frequent flyer miles are the new world currency you better change your passwords and protect those assets. CLICK HERE to read a good article on this issue.

Airlines provide early Christmas present to travelers with free in-flight texting – 

This past week I was surprised to find that a text message I sent using my iPhone during flight actually went through and I received a ding from a response text. Many months ago Alaska Airlines announced they would offer free in-flight texting. This was followed by Delta, American, Southwest and now United.  Wow, it was like Christmas came early.

Our readers say they don’t want to stay in hotel rooms with Alexa –

Several weeks ago I mentioned that my crystal ball showed the hotel room of the future would see Alexa (voice recognition combined with artificial intelligence) placed an in every room and replace the TV remote, telephone, clock, lights, thermostat, etc. You would then be able to simply say, “Alexa turn on the T.V.” and ‘presto’ your voice controls everything in the room. Turns out the comments I received were overwhelming that many people don’t like the idea of Alexa listening in on them in their hotel room with some even telling me they would refuse to stay in a room with Alexa. Please tell me what you think. CLICK HERE and share your yes or no to the idea of having Alexa in your hotel room.

My biggest nightmare during my travels is losing my iPhone –

For years I have told friends that I would rather lose my wallet than my mobile phone when traveling. I always thought that with Uber for ground transit, Apple Pay for food, and using my hotel and airline apps for lodging and flights I could survive. Well, a recent survey of travelers came up with the top 11 nightmares travelers have and guess what?  None of the top 11 included losing your mobile phone.  That is impossible. The #1 nightmare listed was canceled reservations; followed by #2 lost wallet; and #3 a car accident.  To read the full list of nightmares CLICK HERE.

This is one of the best weeks of the year to travel –

I have been on four flights this week and 3 of the 4 flights were half full. The first two weeks of December are historically some of the lowest traveled weeks of the year as they are sandwiched between the busy Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Amazingly I could find frequent flyer seats easily to use my miles and hotel prices are low and rooms plentiful.  Keep these two weeks in mind next year if you want to enjoy fewer crowds and good prices.

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