Warning: Fly Allegiant Air at your own risk –

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Two weeks ago 60 Minutes (CBS News) presented a damning report about the low-fare airline that raised serious questions about how safe it was to fly Allegiant Air. I have for years been telling passengers about the risks of flying Allegiant Air and was pleased that 60 Minutes was finally able to bring those concerns to the public. Amazingly last week one more Allegiant Air flight had to have an emergency landing in Georgia. Wake up, people. Is saving $50 worth putting your life at risk? If you watch the video of the 60-Minute program you will never even consider flying Allegiant Air. CLICK HERE to read the article and watch the video.

Congress slaps airlines in the face and tells them they have gone too far downsizing seats in airplanes –

Last Friday the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill that orders the FAA to develop regulations on minimum standards for the distance between rows and the width of seats on airplanes. Many airlines have dropped the seat pitch (distance between rows) from 35 inches a few years ago to about 31 inches today, and the seat width on some airplanes has been narrowed from 18 inches to 16.5 inches. It is amazing to me that the airlines are so out of touch with their customers that the federal government has to tell them they are making travel miserable for their customers. This might be the best thing Congress does all year.

No more voice calls on flights –

As part of the legislation mentioned above is also a provision that will prohibit voice calls during flights. Many people are using Wi-Fi services such as Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat and other apps to make phone calls during flights. In the future, passengers will be prohibited from making these calls. I only wish there was a way to prohibit screaming babies as well.

Airlines upgrade amenities in business class and passengers like them so much they take them home –

United Airlines has made a big push to upgrade their Polaris business class by adding Saks Fifth Avenue bedding on all their business class seats. This is really good stuff. So good that the airline has been surprised to see that some passengers take it home with them (a kind way to say they steal it). So far most airlines are not charging when people “borrow” the sheets and pillows. United Airlines is now offering passengers the ability to purchase the Polaris grey duvet for $60 and the pillow for $28 with the hope that those who want them can get them with a clear conscience. CLICK HERE for a great article on this issue.

Something does not add up with the recent announcement about the Marriott–SPG Rewards Club merger –

Recently Marriott announced that in August they will allow members of Marriott Rewards, SPG Rewards, and Ritz Carlton Rewards to merge their accounts into a single loyalty account and book any of the hotels using one account. With big fanfare, they also rolled out the consolidated benefits that will accrue to members. On the surface, it appears that many of the best of each program was used to launch the new program. However, Marriott says that members will benefit by earning 20% more points when they stay at a hotel under the new program. At the same time, they are telling their franchise hotel owners that the cost to them to pay for all these new programs and points will be reduced by 20%. Reading between the lines and one can easily see that the value of points is going to be worth much less under the new (improved?) program. CLICK HERE to read more about the merged programs.

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