Warning: Flying Spirit Airlines has major risks

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Spirit Airlines is in a labor tussle with their pilots and their customers have suffered from over 300 flight cancellations these last two weeks. Normally when an airline has a cancelled flight they simply work with other airlines to take their displaced passengers. Not so at Spirit as they do not have any airlines they partner with to take their passengers if a flight is cancelled. Simply put if Spirit Airlines has a cancelled flight you are SOL (Spirit Out of Luck) and have to wait until there is an open seat on another Spirit flight. This might be a day later, 2 days later or in some cases we have heard as many as four days later. Is it really worth saving $35 and risk being stuck without getting home? CLICK HERE for more info on their problems.

Stay away from LAX this week if you can –

Airline giant Delta is moving its massive LAX flight operations from terminals 5 and 6 to terminals 2 and 3 this week. Fourteen other airlines are also playing the topsy-turvy game of terminal and gate changes at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Traveling through LAX is tough enough even when things are going smoothly. The new terminal locations and gates will surely confuse even the most savvy travelers. My advice is to let things settle in for a month or two before transferring through LAX. Otherwise, if you have to go now be sure to allow for double the time needed to transfer to other flights. It is going to be a mess. CLICK HERE to read more.

Finally some good news for United Airlines –

Last month was a bad month for the giant airline, however even during the turmoil United actually had one of its best performance months on record. United finished April in first place among their primary competitors (American, Delta and Southwest) in four critical operating metrics: departing on-time, completion and arriving on-time as well as setting a record in April for their lowest MBR (mishandled baggage ratio). Perhaps the best news came when they set a record of 21 days with no cancelled flights for the month. Lets hope the future continues to be bright for United.

Executive Travel is auctioning off $500 in American airlines gift certificates this week –

Executive Travel today launches our exciting monthly Executive Travel Auction. Every month we auction off airline tickets, cruises, and hotel stays around the world. All auctions will start off on Tuesday morning at 10:00am and end on Friday at noon, central time. Every auction item will start the bidding at only $5 so everybody has the fun to participate. This months’ auction will be a $500 American Airlines gift certificate. All proceeds from this auction go the charity Ticket to Dream to help foster children across the nation. CLICK HERE to view, bid and win!
P.S. Please be aware you must register on the auction site before you can bid. If you have questions about the bidding process, please email reception@executivetravel.com.

Middle East carriers are offering great prices to fill seats –

Airlines like Etihad, Emirates, and even Turkish Airlines are hurtin-for-certain from the travel ban as well as the laptop ban. They are responding by offering some amazing prices to fly from the U.S. to Europe and beyond. Coach fares are low and even business class and first class airfares are at prices of almost 50% off. Call one of our friendly travel advisors at 402-435-8888 and see if we can help you find a great value.

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