Warning! Getting a passport renewed takes 8 weeks as State Dept. faces backlog – 

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The State Department says they are seeing a dramatic increase in the number of passport applications, which along with staffing cuts is causing the time to get a passport processed to increase from an average of 6 weeks up to 8 weeks. You had better take a look at your passport and see when it expires as many countries will not let you enter if your passport will expire within 6 months of your travel dates. So with the 8 weeks, it now takes to process a new or renewing passport you have an 8-month window you have to factor into your next international trip.

One option is to get passports processed faster than 8 weeks is to pay $60 for an expedited service which only takes 2-3 weeks. Executive Travel has an agreement with CIBT that allows us to get your passport processed quickly . If you need to renew your passport call our office at 402-435-8888 and we can help.

Kansas City has lowest airfares in the region but Omaha is catching up fast  – 

A recent study showed that during the last few years airfares from Omaha’s Eppley Airport have actually gone down over 20% and are now within 10% of the cost of the airfares offered out of Kansas City International Airport. The average round-trip airfare from Kansas City to 15 major U.S. cities is $256. This is amazing when looking at airfares from coast to coast which are at historic highs. Omaha was close behind with an average lowest airfare at $284 RT. Lincoln, unfortunately, has some of the highest airfares in the region with an average airline ticket price of $417 to the 15 cities we compared last week.

Omaha has closed the airfare gap with Kansas City as savings not worth driving extra three hours –

Five years ago I did an airfare comparison between Omaha and Kansas City and found on average it cost $108 RT more to fly from Omaha than Kansas City. This week that same comparison showed only a $28 gap in average airfares. Five years ago a family of four saved over $400 by driving to Kansas City to fly. Today it would be hard to justify driving the almost 3-hour drive, one way, to save $28 per person.

Here is a comparison of airfares (based on July 10 departure and July 17 return) –

United Airlines launching new software to help connecting passengers not miss their flight – 

Earlier this year United Airlines launched a new software called ConnectionSaver. Since its launch four months ago, more than 14,400 customers, who would have otherwise missed their connections, were able to make their flights because of the new software.  The software watches for late arriving connecting flights and holds connecting flights so the passenger can make their connection. The good news is even the flights that were held were only held an average of 6 minutes from their original departure time.  This is fantastic news for travelers. Hip-hip-hooray for United Airlines! CLICK HERE to read more.


Catch Broadway! Join our great trip to New York City in March!

We are excited to have the Lincoln Community Playhouse and Morrie Enders lead yet another delightful tour to the Big Apple, March 19-23, 2020. This trip is a great mix of group events and free time that includes highlights such as Ground Zero, Radio City Music Hall, Grand Central Station, Museum of Modert Art, the New York Public Library as well as two of Broadway’s biggest hits. This trip will fill up fast! Call or email Beth today to sign up: 402-435-8888 / GroupDepartment@executivetravel.com. To see the details tour brochure CLICK HERE.