Wave of passport renewals will slow down processing in coming months

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The federal government is warning that an estimated 48 million passports are going to expire in 2016, 2017 and 2018 and they are expecting a flood of passport renewals as a result. You may recall that in 2007 the U.S. passed new laws that required all citizens to have a passport when traveling to our neighbors of Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean. This means that many passports are reaching their 10 year expiration date and many people will be scrambling to renew them. Please be aware that it can take six weeks or longer to get your passport renewed. Also many countries will not accept a passport within 6 months of their expiration date so the renewal process will be heating up as many international travelers check their passports only to be surprised that their renewal date is fast approaching.

81% of Travelers will Pay Extra for Non-Stop Flights –

81% of travelers will pay an extra $50 or more for non-stop flights according to Executive Travel’s weekly travel alert survey launched February 9th. 1,096 travelers participated in the survey which asked, “How much additional money will you pay to take a non-stop flight versus one with a connecting flight (i.e. with a change of planes in Chicago)?” With an overwhelming majority, 81% of participants would pay extra for shorter travel times to avoid the possible hassles of layovers and missed flights. 45% said they would be willing to pay $50 extra, 26.7% said they would increase spending by $100, 9.2% would be willing to pay more than $100, while only 19.1% would not spend any extra. To see all the survey results and graph CLICK HERE.

I need your help! –

I need you to answer this simple two question survey this week.- The only thing we ask of our readers is to help us each week by taking a 10 second survey. PLEASE CLICK HERE. Thanks so much to the 1,096 people who helped us with the survey listed above.

Airlines are Tweedledum and Tweedledee –

Airlines are Tweedledum and Tweedledee -If one airline does something you can almost bet that within months all the airlines will be doing the same thing. If an airline raises their ticket prices there is a good chance others will follow. When one airline declared bankruptcy the others fell like dominoes. One airline started charging for baggage fees and Tweedledee the others followed. Next came fees for preferred seats and again they all followed (except Southwest). Headlines today are that American is providing snacks for economy passengers and surprise within weeks United turned on the copy machine and announced the same thing. My mom used to always question me when I told her “everyone else is doing it” that “If all your friends jumped off a bridge then would you too?” Seems like the airline CEO’s never had a mom like mine. Instead of trying to be the same shouldn’t the airlines try to be different?

Government wants to grow TSA PreCheck to 5 times its current level –

5 million people have now been approved for TSA PreCheck and Global Entry which allows them to enjoy expedited security check screening. The government has stated they would like to see that number grow to 25 million in the coming years. I love the TSA PreCheck program which allows me to speed through security lines. I am a little worried that if you add that many more people to the TSA PreCheck express lane it may actually be longer than the normal lines. Last week in Austin, TX the TSA PreCheck line was just as long as the other lines. I was lucky and walked 300 feet to find another security check entry point with only 2 people ahead of me. Let’s hope the TSA does not get too successful and ruin a good thing.

Big week for Cuba as U.S. set to announce resuming commercial flights in coming months –

The Obama – Castro love fest continues this week as experts say that the United States and Cuba will formally announce the agreement to allow regularly scheduled daily commercial flights from the U.S. directly to Cuba. Previously visitors were forced to use clumsy and expensive charter flights. The U.S. airlines will soon start bidding on the rights to operate up to 110 daily Cuba flights. Cuba will quickly move from being a hot new destination to one that sizzles in 2016 and 2017.

WOW! $649 RT airfares to Scandinavia this spring –

There is an amazing airfare sale to some of my favorite destinations in Europe, Copenhagen and Stockholm. The sale offers fares as low as $649 round trip from NYC and other gateway cities. To get the lowest prices you must travel between Feb 23 – Jun 9, 2016. This sale ends soon so be sure to call one of our friendly travel advisors at 402-435-8888 for ideas and options.

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