Frequent flyer miles will be harder to earn in 2016

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The major airlines of Delta, United and soon to be American are switching their frequent flyer programs from earning miles based on distance flown to miles based on the amount of dollars paid. This is a major change for most travelers that will seriously cut down on earning miles. For example, flying round-trip from Omaha to New York City in the past earned 2490 frequent flyer miles. Under the new plans if you pay a RT airfare of $350 you will earn 5 miles per dollar spent (non-elite flyer) or only 1,750 miles for the same trip, which is 30% less miles. High frequency business travelers however will benefit greatly with the new programs as they will earn up to 11 miles per dollar spent, which represents earning 3,850 miles or 55% more miles under the new plan.

Southwest and Delta voted best airlines, Spirit and Frontier the worst –

Southwest and Delta Air Lines provide the best overall service (combination of service and value) of all the domestic airlines in the Executive Travel weekly travel alert survey launched on Feb 2. 762 travelers participated in the survey which asked them “What two U.S. airlines provide the best overall service (combination of service and value)?” Southwest Airlines was the clear winner with over 60% of the vote while Delta had 50% of voters’ support. Spirit Airlines was at the bottom of the list as only 1% gave them positive marks while Frontier Airlines was also seen as very poor. To see all the survey results and graphs CLICK HERE.

I need your help! –

I need you to answer this simple one question survey.- The only thing we ask of our readers is to help us each week by taking a 1 question – 10 second survey. PLEASE CLICK HERE. Thanks so much to the 762 people who helped us with the survey listed above.

Airlines return to offering free snacks –

This month United and American Airlines are starting to offer free snacks to economy (coach) class passengers. They join Delta and Southwest who previously offered snacks even during the economic downturn. Now that the airlines are printing money again by charging luggage, seat fees and fuel surcharges (even when fuel prices have come down 70%) they feel that now is the right time to give us some pretzels and peanuts. After reading the headlines of the press releases the airlines put out announcing these (exciting?) new benefits you would have thought they were giving away champagne and gourmet meals to everyone instead of trail mix and pretzels. Even though I am making fun of the airlines I find the Biscoff cookies offered by Delta and American are to die for.

Southwest and Frontier Airlines voted as having lowest prices –

Southwest and Frontier Airlines were voted the king of low airfares in the Executive Travel weekly travel alert survey launched on Feb 2. The survey asked “What two U.S. airlines provide the lowest prices?” Southwest Airlines was the clear winner with over 46% of the vote while Frontier followed in 2nd place and Spirit Airlines came in third. I am amazed that the public continues to perceive that Southwest offers the lowest airfares. They have obviously built a very powerful brand that has a giant halo attached to them even though we see much lower prices being offered by almost all airlines. To see all the survey results and graphs CLICK HERE.

Final call: Two spots left on our Italy tour May 6-16! –

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