Why wait on hold for 2 hours calling an airline when you can talk to us in 9 seconds? –

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Sunday night at 8pm I tried calling Delta Air Lines and after pushing what seemed like 100 buttons to try to talk to an agent I got the recording that I could leave my number and they would call me back sometime after 2 hours. Now I really like having the call back feature rather than waiting on line but can you imagine it still taking over two hours to talk to a live person at an airline? Immediately after I got off that call I thought “I wonder how fast I could get through to an agent at Executive Travel?” I picked up the phone and called our corporate phone number and was so pleased when on the first ring I heard the friendly voice of Amy ask how she could help me. Our team has made a commitment to be the “Fastest and easiest travel management company to do business with”. Every week we measure how fast we pick up the phone. We average between 7 and 9 seconds every week. We also make sure that you do not have to press any buttons to talk to a live agent. One more reason to use the friendly folks at Executive Travel.

American Airlines adds cool new premium coach seats on international flights –

American Airlines will be the first U.S. airline to offer a super premium economy cabin on their new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners starting on November 3 from Dallas. These new Premium economy seats will offer an amazing 38″ seat pitch (distance between a row of seats). This compares to 32 inches on Delta and 35 inches on United. In addition to more seat pitch these seats will be wider seats with an extendable footrest and adjustable headrests. The premium economy seats will also have individual in-flight entertainment systems with a larger screen, noise-reducing headphones, amenity kits, printed menus, as well as complimentary beer, wine, and spirits. Flying business class on many international flights today can cost 3 to 4 times more than a coach class ticket. This new premium class seat will cost a few hundred dollars more but will be a welcomed option for those who want a little more comfort without paying for business class. Three cheers to American for trying to make the travel experience more comfortable. To see a guide of all airlines seat pitch CLICK HERE.

Steve’s travel tip #97 – Here is how to get your frequent flyer miles put back into your account when an airline says no –

Next week I was supposed to be flying from China to Cartegena for a business meeting. I used my AeroPlan (Air Canada flying on Star Alliance airlines) miles to book a ticket using 135,000 miles. This week I decided I was tired of traveling and called the airline to see what I could do to cancel the trip and put those miles back into my account. They said that I could not put my miles back into my account because my trip was under 22 days prior to departure. However, they would allow me to change the date of my trip to sometime in the future. So here is what I did to save those 135,000 miles. I first changed my flight from departing on October 16, 2016 to departing on April 27, 2017. This cost me a $90 change fee. I then called back and said I would like to refund those 135,000 miles back into my account as the new flight is more than 22 days in advance. This cost me another $90 fee. The bottom line is I spent $180 in change fees but was able to save 135,000 miles for future travel. That is a pretty good return on investment.

Wyndam edges out Marriott and Choice hotels for best hotel rewards program –

For the first time since 2013 we have a new king of hotel rewards programs as Wyndam has rocketed ahead of Marriott in both the U.S. News and World report and IdeaWorks Consulting firm surveys. The top four hotel rewards programs were 1. Wyndham Rewards 2. Choice Privileges (Tie) 2. Marriott Rewards (Tie) and 4. Best Western Rewards. I don’t understand how they could put this list together and not have SPG Rewards (Starwood Hotels like Westin, Sheraton, W Hotels, etc) one of the top hotel reward programs. I have tried them all and the best overall program running away is SPG Rewards. CLICK HERE to read how all the hotel and airline rewards program were rated.

TSA has been doing a great job keeping wait times down –

I have been traveling a lot this summer and on my last six trips I have noticed how fast it has been to clear airport security. Remember back in April how the headlines screamed of the nightmare of waiting one or two hours in line to clear security? Since then it appears that TSA is doing a great job keeping lines moving fast. TSA also has a web site and an app you can download that will let you know of the time it is taking to clear security checkpoints at airports around the U.S.. CLICK HERE to find out more.

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