Why would anyone ever purchase basic economy fares on United Airlines? –

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Recently the CFO of United Airlines reported that 40% of travelers are selecting basic economy fares when buying tickets. Several months ago United Airlines started offering these lower priced tickets on a select few routes. These fares save between $30 and $40 roundtrip, however, to save that money upfront on your ticket price you almost assuredly will pay even more for all the extra fees they will charge you. Basic economy fares do not get advance seat selection or upgrades. The biggest fees you have to pay for basic economy fares is the applicable checked bag fee of $25 plus a $25 gate handling charge if you bring a full-sized carry-on on board the plane. So you do the math. You save $40 on your ticket when you buy a basic economy ticket, however, you pay $50 extra each way (total of $100) if you try to take a full-sized carry on with you on the flight. Even worse, flight changes and refunds are not allowed. Wait there is more. If you are flying with family there is no family seating. Bottom line is that this is one time that the old saying “penny wise and pound foolish” applies.

Mexico and the Caribbean offering amazing discounts for fall travel –

We are seeing some pricing as much as 60% off for travel between July and December 15, 2017 to most of Mexico and the Caribbean. Historically this is the slow season so if you are looking for some amazing prices be sure to give our friendly travel advisors a call at 402-435-8888.

Recent changes to TSA Pre-Check rules are frustrating travelers who no longer qualify for the perk –

Several months ago the government announced that they were changing the rules and only the people who have purchased TSA Pre-Check would receive the express security line access. Before the change tens of thousands of travelers were given complimentary Pre-Check access from the airlines as a benefit of being in their elite frequent flyer programs. Now that the rules have changed many of the travelers that previously got to travel through security in the express lane are frustrated to find out their boarding pass no longer has been approved for express security lane access.

Executive Travel scores world-class Net Promoter Score for customer loyalty –

Executive Travel recently hit a record Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 91 during the first four months of 2017. This score recognizes Executive Travel as one of the premier companies in the world as it relates to their customers’ overall satisfaction with their service. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) has been widely adopted by more than two thirds of Fortune 1000 companies who use the metric to measure a customer’s willingness to recommend their service to a friend or colleague. NPS scores range from -100 to 100. Executive Travel during the first four months of 2017 maintained a NPS score of 91 which would rank Executive Travel at the top of all the companies in the world. Executive Travel’s 91 Net Promoter Score is more than triple the Travel and Hospitality NPS average of 29 in 2016. It becomes even more impressive when you look at Net Promoter Scores of the leading companies by industry in 2016 which include: Ritz Carlton, 72 NPS; Apple, 66 NPS; Amazon, 66 NPS; Verizon, 26 NPS; Nordstrom, 80 NPS; State Farm Insurance, 45 NPS; and Jet Blue Airlines, 67 NPS.

I know this sounds crazy but I recommend you start booking your Christmas travel right now –

I can just imagine how many people will read this and think I am totally crazy to start making reservations for your travel around the Christmas holiday. But we have already seen many people start to make reservations to many of their favorite sun and fun getaways around the heavy Christmas holiday season so they are sure to get the best travel accommodations.

Join my wife Marie and I as we cruise the Blue Danube this October! –

My wife Marie and I will be hosting the exceptional “Blue Danube River Cruise” this October, a true bucket-list cruise. We have a few cabins left, so do not hesitate to sign up and join us as we visit some of our favorite cities in Europe, including Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, Linz and Prague. Call our friendly Group Department at 402-435-8888 or email me at steveg@executivetravel.com for more details and to sign up. To see the full tour program CLICK HERE – do not wait, travel while you can!

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