Will the TSA PreCheck express lane soon be longer than the regular line? –

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This last Wednesday at the Omaha airport I was amazed to find that the TSA PreCheck express security line was actually longer than the normal security line. I was so amazed I actually posted a picture of it on my Facebook page. Needless to say there was a lot of grumbling in the TSA PreCheck line from people who were questioned how can it be that they pay $100 for express service yet the TSA PreCheck line was actually the slowest line at the time. Since the major security line meltdown in April that had people waiting hours in line to clear security, thousands of people have signed up for the TSA Precheck or Global Entry passes with the hopes they would not have to experience the nightmare of waiting hours in line and they could zip through the TSA PreCheck line on the way to their flights. I am worried that so many people have registered for TSA PreCheck that many more times in the future the TSA PreCheck line will be just as long as the regular lines. Hopefully the TSA will adjust their staffing so that the TSA PreCheck line is still the “Express” line it was promised to be.

Get ready for hotels to move their cancellation window from 24 hours to 48 hours –

The hotel industry earlier this year tried to install a $50 cancellation fee on all reservations and saw overwhelming opposition so they retreated quickly. Now there is word on the street that the 24 hour cancellation requirement without penalty will be increased to 48 hours in the coming months. Currently most hotel rooms allow you to cancel 24 hours in advance without paying a penalty. If this new 48 hour rule comes into effect you will need to cancel your hotel reservation 2 days in advance or pay a one night’s charge penalty. I hope this idea gets batted down as fast as the $50 fee got smashed.

Airport toilets and sinks –

Why is it that the motion sensors on the airport restroom toilets go off 10 times on a visit yet when my hand is full of soap and under the restroom sink faucet the motion sensor never goes off?

Three cheers for outstanding service from Delta Air Lines –

Thursday night I was flying on a late flight from Omaha to Detroit on DL4802, on a small regional jet. If you have flown on a regional jet you know you have to gate check your luggage as there is not enough room in the overhead luggage racks for most carry-on luggage. When I arrived in Detroit I was in row 15 and was surprised how fast the plane quickly unloaded. I normally wait until all the passengers unload before I get off the plane as I know from experience when you get off the plane you normally have to wait 5 to 10 minutes for your carry-on luggage that was gate checked to be delivered to the end of the boarding ramp to pick up so you can head for your next flight. On this flight I decided to get off with everyone else. When I got to the end of the boarding ramp I could not believe my eyes as over half of all the gate checked bags were already waiting for travelers to grab. I saw my bag but decided to wait to thank the baggage people for their prompt service. Again I was amazed as before all the people got off the plane all the bags were ready for people to grab and go. At that moment I yelled “Thank you so much for such outstanding service” to all the men standing on the stairs outside the ramp. Just then a man with a big smile said his team is proud to do a good job. I asked the man for his name and he said Michael Washington. I said to Michael that it was an honor for me know a person who is so proud to do a great job and serve other people with such enthusiasm and pride. I wish there were more Michael Washingtons in this world.

After 6 long years after its merger United Airlines is getting measurably better –

This past week United Airlines was boasting about the improvements made in on-time arrivals. They reported that 76% of their flights arrived on-time during the 3 month period ending August 31, 2016. I agree that United is getting better. It has been a painfully slow process but the leadership in place today will assuredly make things better every day. I must say however that the marketing department of United must have worked for some politician’s campaign before they started at United. When you take a statistic that says one out of every four flights is late and spin it so that you brag that 76% of flights are on time you are doing a masterful job of marketing.

Cuba or Blue Danube Discovery – We’ve got Both!

I’m so excited to announce two extraordinary tours this coming March and May. Executive Travel has had the opportunity to send one previous group to Cuba and I must say that it is a great privilege to lead this educational “People-to-People” tour to this magical land. The people, the history and ability to see it all during this historic adventure is very special.
CLICK HERE to see the detailed Cuba tour program. Another phenomenal discovery, is our Blue Danube Discovery. Travel with us this May and enjoy three fabulous days in Budapest prior to our embarkation aboard one of the most unique river cruise vessels in Europe. We cruise for eight days through Bratislava, Vienna, Passau and the 2,000-year-old town of Regensburg. Along the way we will visit magnificent cathedrals, Baroque abbeys, sail along the breathtaking scenery of the Wachau Valley winemaking region and sample Vienna’s sinfully rich Sacher Torte.
CLICK HERE to see the detailed Blue Danube tour program. Both tours are sold on a “First come, first served”-basis, so do not hesitate to reach out to us, should you be interested in joining us! Space is very limited. Call or email our Group Department at 402-458-9858 / groupdepartment@executivetravel.com today.

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