Would you believe me if I told you I had great food on an airline flight?

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I know some people will question my sanity if I tell you I recently had a wonderful meal on an airline flight. On Sunday I flew American Airlines from Charlotte to Paris.  My dinner was outstanding as I had beef and potatoes. The person beside me had chicken and also said it was very good. Three cheers to AA for finally putting money and energy in offering better food.

Hello from Normandy, France –

I’m excited and proud to host an exceptional tour to France to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of select cities by members of the Nebraska National Guards’ famed 134th Infantry Regiment in World War II. Some of the highlights of this tour will be in the city of St. Lo, France on the actual day we liberated during the war (July 18th). We will also pay homage to the sacrifice and courage at Normandy American, Lorraine American, and Luxembourg American Cemeteries and lay a wreath for our gallant warriors from Nebraska that are buried there. Traveling with the Nebraska Delegation and some of the closest friends and loyal customers of Executive Travel, this will be one of the most memorable trips ever.

Airplane restrooms are getting so small many people don’t fit –

The one thing I dread when traveling on an international flight is having to use the micro bathrooms on many airplanes today. The airlines are trying to squeeze in one more row of seats on each plane and the casualty is bathrooms so small that people who are taller than 6’1 (like me) literally can’t fit inside. I don’t like government intervention in many things but I would love to see airlines forced to respect their customers with larger restrooms.

Everybody hates hotel resort fees, Giant lawsuit may finally stop the practice –

The Washington D.C. Attorney General has filed a lawsuit challenging Marriott for charging deceptive resort fees. For years I have been howling about the deceptive pricing used by hotels to add a mandatory $25 -$75 per day resort fee in addition to the nightly rate charged when you check into your hotel. I hope this lawsuit is successful as the hotel industry has had a serious ethical breach with its customers charging them a hidden fee. CLICK HERE to read more.

Boeing is rebranding their 737 Max plane so travelers feel safe on their planes once again –

Boeing has had a rough year with their newest model, the 737 MAX. After 2 horrific crashes, one in 2018 and one earlier this year, governments all over the world ordered the planes be taken out of service until the issue could be resolved. Boeing has been working on fixing the issue since the March crash with no end in sight (American Airlines just canceled all flight on the 737 MAX until November).

With 41% of Americans saying they wouldn’t feel comfortable flying on the aircraft until it had at least 6 months of safe flights, Boeing is going a different route and rebranding the newest member of their fleet. Ryanair, one of the worlds largest airlines, has rebranded the 737 MAX as the Boeing 737-8200. Once the airplane has passed all tests and is ready for flights again, they will begin flights on the newly named plane. Will other airlines follow Ryanair’s lead?

Be careful when charging your phone at the airport –

Be extra careful plugging your phone into a USB port at many airports without using a USB Data Blocker. It turns out that the bad guys have figured out ways to put malicious code/viruses into the devices that you plug the USB end into (like airport charging kiosks). You can buy USB Data Blockers for about $6 at many online stores such as Amazon. Also, our crackerjack security and tech teams at Executive Travel is warning our travelers to turn off your Bluetooth when you’re not using it as it is also a way the bad guys can connect and access your phones.

Final Call – two spots left on the greatest Italy tour …for women only!

Join Women of Nebraska this September 17-28 on an irresistible journey from Rome to Venice. Visit the Vatican, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, experience a “movie-lovers” tour of Rome, take part in two cooking classes, taste and sip your way through the country of slow food, enjoy Assisi, fall in love with Florence, and finally, spend three days in Venice, including the islands of Murano and Burano. Travel solo or two-by-two. We have two spots left. Call or email Beth today, 402-858-0033 / GroupDepartment@executivetravel.com and CLICK HERE for full tour details. ask for Beth!