You are about to see five big changes inside your hotel room within 12 months –

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Hotel rooms are about to undergo major changes with the application of personal assistants (think Alexa, Google Home, etc) in the hotel room. I am anticipating a new hotel personal assistant that marries artificial intelligence with voice recognition will be installed in new hotel rooms in 2019 that will replace much of the electronic devices in a hotel room. Here is a list of 5 things that should be replaced by this new hotel personal assistance device.

Alarm clock – The new hotel personal assistant will have a small LED display that lights up to show the time and temperature in the room. To set an alarm you will simply say “set a wake-up call at 6 am” and the personal assistant will confirm that via voice. Easy Peasy!

Phone – These are such a dinosaur! They have two dozen buttons and type so small that no one can read them. The new hotel personal assistant will allow you to simply say, “call front desk” and it will connect you to the front desk. If you are hungry you simply say, “I need to order some food”, and it will ask you if you want room service and will offer to read the menu. You will also be able to order food outside the hotel using Uber Eats or simple things like pizza delivery. All of this will be done with simple voice commands.

TV remote – This thing has more germs than even your cell phone and will be one of the first things to go with the new hotel personal assistant. All you have to say is “Turn on TV” and you can ask for your favorite show or even just a menu of shows. Once again all of this is with voice commands.

Thermostat – These things are such a frustration for travelers as some of them are so complicated to operate. The new hotel personal assistant will tie into your thermostat via wi-fi so all you will do to change the temperature is say, “turn the temperature to 72 degrees” and that will adjust the temperature in the room.

Light switches – With the new hotel personal assistant it will be able to sense movement in the room and turn on lights for you or you will simply be able to say “turn on lights in the bathroom”, etc.

Delta wins top honors in airline survey but United and American are closing the gap quickly –

The annual Business Travel News (BTN) survey shows Delta Air Lines as the top airline again for the eighth consecutive year. The big news is that United Airlines and American Airlines who suffered major service deficiencies in past years appear to be rapidly improving and moving closer to Delta in many areas of service. I have noticed a great improvement in both United and American service in the last year and that appears to be reflected in this most recent survey. CLICK HERE to look at the details of the airline survey.

Some airlines auction off premium seats to passengers booked in coach –

I really like the idea of offering travelers who are booked on a flight the opportunity to bid on the chance to sit in a premium business or first class seat. A service called PlusGrade works with airlines to maximize the revenue produced from empty premium class seats. CLICK HERE to read who and how you can participate.

You have to spend $15,000 on the big three airlines to earn their top Elite status in 2019 –

American, United, and Delta have too many elite travelers so they are increasing the spending requirements needed to earn their top elite status in 2019 from $12,000 per year to $15,000. In addition to spending $15,000 to qualify for top elite status, United and American require you to fly 100,000 miles and Delta requires 125,000 miles. The airlines hope this will dramatically decrease the number of top elite travelers so that elite status has more value. CLICK HERE to learn more.

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